‘Ahsoka’ Episode 2 Review/Recap: Is Morgan Elsbeth Scared Of Ahsoka Tano?

The second episode of Disney’s Ahsoka premiered alongside the first, and it works better because there’s a lot less exposition. While the first episode had to contextualize a lot of things to help viewers catch up, the second episode follows the first, and the events are directly linked. The first episode ended with Shin Hati stabbing Sabine Wren in the gut and escaping with the map that could guide them to Admiral Thrawn’s secret location. Here’s what follows in the second episode of Ahsoka.


What does Ahsoka find? Episode 2 clarifies any lingering doubt that the viewers might’ve had from the previous episode about whether Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) survived Shin Hati’s (Ivanna Sakhno) lightsaber attack. Sabine lies on a bed in the medical wing of Lothal as Ahsoka Tano and Hera hover over her while the nurse droids try treating her. Upset that she failed to decipher the data that the map held before the enemy droids stole it, Sabine has a hard time looking her former master Ahsoka in the eyes. Not only has the map—the only way to track Admiral Thrawn as well as Ezra Bridger—fallen into enemy hands, but the droids have also destroyed any of the remaining equipment in Sabine’s home, making it impossible for them to retrace the clues she’d found from the map.

Ahsoka heads back to the place where the droids stole the map and meets Sabine’s Loth-cat, which mews nervously. Moments later, the creature shrieks as a previously hidden droid launches a surprise attack on Ahsoka. However, the’surprise’ is futile, and she barely flinches while decapitating the machine and proceeds to bring back the severed head to Sabine. This is a field the former Ghost crew excels at, and she’s quickly able to hack the droid’s circuits because they’re still connected to their source, even if they’re killed. However, if the procedure isn’t finished quickly, a certain meter on the head might reach the tipping-over point, resulting in a catastrophic explosion. As the droid Huyang starts panicking with the growing meter pointing the way to impending destruction, Sabine asks for more time. With mere seconds left before the entire area is blown to bits, Huyang disconnects the droid as Sabine declares triumphantly that the droids had arrived from a shipyard registered under the New Republic.


Why Does Ahsoka leave Sabine?

This discovery is a bit confusing because, after the fall of the Empire, it’s believed that every New Republic member gave up pursuing evil across the galaxy. However, Ahsoka isn’t satisfied, and she takes Hera with her to go check out the said shipyard, although she refuses to take Sabine with her, much to the latter’s chagrin. Ahsoka leaves with the typical “you’ve done enough,” a dual-edged verbal sword that pierces Sabine, still smarting because she’d refused to listen to Ahsoka in the previous episode. Even though she’s just helped them find an important clue by taking a massive risk, she can’t help but feel that they wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for her stubbornness. Moreover, her stomach wound hasn’t healed yet, so she’s lacking the confidence to follow her former teacher into trouble. However, for now, Sabine only has herself to blame.

What Happens At The Shipyard?

When Hera and Ahsoka reach the shipyard, there’s palpable tension, as the surveyor of the area (“House M.D.” veteran Peter Jacobsen) looks rather uncomfortable with a Jedi poking around. When the women go into the main office and start inquiring about the shipments in the last few days, the crew is completely silent, except for a few furtive glances at the new arrivals. A service droid mistakenly mentions that an HK assassin droid has been spotted very recently, and it had a high-security clearance, so it couldn’t be logged. What’s more, the assassin is leaving the shipyard at that very moment in a ship, and despite Hera’s repeated orders to shut the droid down, the crew refuses to comply. Realizing that the inspecting women might expose their secrets, the crew members launch an attack on them, but Hera and Ahsoka quickly put them down. Ahsoka leaps down the window and is faced with an inquisitor and his droid, and the enemies put up a tough fight. Meanwhile, Hera gets on her trusted ship and begins chasing the vessel that’s escaping the shipyard, which now begins shooting at the pursuing Hera.


Although Ahsoka is able to decimate the droid with her lightsaber skills, the Inquisitor is a tougher opponent. Before the Togruta warrior can do any effective damage to the New Empire loyalist, a ship comes to his rescue, and Shin steps out to help him up. He uses force to get his lightsaber back, indicating that the loyalist possesses force powers, making him a formidable opponent. On the other side of things, Hera is giving a tough chase to the escaping vessel while communicating with her droid Chopper to find a tracker. Just as the fleeing ship nears the warp point, Hera is able to eject a tracker onto the ship, thereby ensuring they can now track the ship no matter where it flees to. Back at the shipyard, the loyalists, including the supervisor, are arrested, and Ahsoka explains that it’s just greed that makes people sell their dignity to the Empire.

Is Sabine Ready?

Back in Lothal, Sabine stares into the distance after having a rather thought-provoking talk with the droid Huyang. Uncharacteristic of the droid, Huyang provides intriguing things for her to ponder, the basis of which is that one has to forge their own path instead of waiting for handouts. Sabine had spent years hoping that Ahsoka would take her on as her apprentice, but it was time that she took control of her life. She goes back to her little home and unearths her old Mandalorian gear. When Ahsoka returns to Lothal, Sabine meets her in full Mandalorian gear with smartly trimmed short hair. Before boarding Ahsoka’s ship, she touches the picture of Ezra drawn on the wall, thus indicating the strength of her bond with the brother she hopes is still alive. The sweetest portion is probably when Ahsoka refers to Sabine as Padawan, showing she’s accepted the youngster as her trainee once more, hopefully for good this time.


Why Is Skoll Reluctant To Kill Ahsoka?

However, the enemies aren’t sitting idle while the good guys sift through clues. Baylan Skoll and Shin bring the map to Morgan Elsbeth as she stands in a mystical place and uncovers the map’s ability to explore the galaxy where Thrawn is. She can hear her master’s voice and tell Skoll that he’s calling to her. Skoll responds to Shin by saying that if the plan works, they will know power like they’ve never known it before. Later, as Ahsoka speeds through space to reach the enemies, Morgan asks Skoll if he can sense the oncoming Jedi. Although Ahsoka has masked her movements as a skilled Jedi, he can still sense her determination reverberating, and Morgan suggests killing her. Skoll, however, isn’t very pleased with the prospect, and he reasons that not too many Jedi survive at present. This isn’t him being sentimental, however, but just being truthful.

Is Morgan Elsbeth Scared Of Ahsoka Tano?

The last time Morgan faced Ahsoka, she had a Beskar spear, and yet she was defeated by Ahsoka’s lightsabers and sent to prison. There’s no guarantee that the next time Ahsoka meets her, she won’t uproot the problem by ending Morgan’s life for good. Besides, Ahsoka’s survival means Thrawn will always have someone gunning for him. So in every way, Ahsoka is bad news for Morgan, and she can’t wait to get rid of the nuisance. This can be chalked up to her being a weaker fighter than the protagonist and also because the Empire is on its last legs at the moment and won’t be able to survive a head-on attack. The Republic can be greatly harmed if a soldier like Ahsoka can be taken out, so Morgan is definitely better off with her dead. What happens to her plans, though? We’ll know in the next episode.

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The second episode of Disney's Ahsoka premiered alongside the first, and it works better because there's a lot less exposition. While the first episode had to contextualize a lot of things to help viewers catch up, the second episode follows the first, and the events are directly linked. 'Ahsoka' Episode 2 Review/Recap: Is Morgan Elsbeth Scared Of Ahsoka Tano?