Bill, Harris, And Oslo In ‘Agent Game,’ Explained

Perhaps the only thing that separates one secret agent from another is their moral. And this moral is divided into two parts: one that makes them an agent, and another that makes him or her a human. And the catch is that either of these halves can compromise their mission. Underneath all the chaos, Agent Game is a play of morals. Let’s find out how the different characters deal with their morals.


Spoilers Ahead


Bill has been carrying out interrogations for the last 30 years. And his experience has taught him to figure out when the person on the other side of the table is speaking the truth. Despite how little we see of Bill, it is enough to give us the impression that he trusts his instincts. Let us consider that the first time we see Bill speaking to Omar Abadi is the very first time they have spoken to each other. For Bill to realize that Omar is speaking the truth in less than five sittings is a big deal, especially when the stakes are this high. All that Bill needed was a look or two into Omar’s eyes to understand that he has no association with terrorists like Ghuma Nasuf.


Bill then realizes that there is a reason why the people at the CIA are forcing him to pull the truth out of Omar. The fact is that the CIA doesn’t need the truth. They just need Omar to get along with their version of the truth. Harris reveals that Omar is just a sacrificial lamb the CIA because they are in bed with Bandar El-Mizdawi. El-Mizdawi has offered his resources to the CIA to take down Al-Qaeda in return for bringing down those trying to overthrow his regime, e.g., Omar. But before Bill could let Omar go, he was killed by Caroline Visser. Visser, who had already been ordered by Oslo to kill Bill, tried to convince Bill to let her talk with Omar. Bill did give her more than one chance. This also shows that he is someone who appreciates the effort, especially by his juniors. But as I mentioned earlier, his morals got in the way of him doing his job, and thus he had to be gotten rid of by the very junior he opted to trust.


Like Bill, Harris, too, believes that Omar is innocent. He knows how dangerous their game is, but he also believes in doing the right thing. The only difference between him and Bill is that he gets to live and avenge his best friend’s death. It could easily have been Harris who rushed to the interrogation room to prevent Visser from killing Omar, but that didn’t happen. What makes Harris a mastermind tactician is how he got himself caught by Kavinsky, Miller, and Reese, knowing that they must have been sent by Visser. Luckily enough, he finds out that there is someone else who is pulling the strings, i.e., Oslo. We have to hand it to him for using the video of Visser killing Bill as a means to explain to the agents how they are being manipulated.


Oslo chose Kavinsky, Miller, and Reese specifically due to their vague pasts and trained them. Once they fulfilled their purpose, he would eliminate them, and no one would find out because there was no paperwork on them. Thankfully, Harris anticipated that they would be killed and thus killed Manson and Bundy, who had been ordered by Visser to kill the three as soon as the plane took off. There is only way to explain how Harris knew he could trust Kavinsky, Miller, and Reese.  He must have gotten hold of all the intel available on them, just like Oslo did. We can say that he had a hunch, played the moral card, and it worked. He ultimately gets his revenge by killing Visser.


The most powerful and the most wicked (or true-to-form) strategist of the lot is Oslo. He is perhaps the only one who’s morally unhinged. And he probably should be, as it comes with the job. He is supposed to make sure that once Omar is killed, no evidence that can be traced back to his death, is left behind. And I’m sure that he would have gotten Visser killed as well. His job is to ensure El-Mizdawi remains in power so that the CIA can continue to receive resources from him. So it is possible that he hired Bill, Harris, and Visser to force Omar into admitting that he is working with a terrorist so that he can be arrested. And when it didn’t work, he decided to manipulate the amateur (Visser) to do the needful. He must be presiding over a very powerful chair in the military to have been able to take control of a U.S. Army drone.


Once he finds out that there are no survivors of the warehouse explosion, he fires missiles at the chopper carrying the men, who were only there to provide him with the status of the situation. In this way, he makes sure that there is absolutely no evidence. Finally, he decides to issue a press release where he will mention how the brave soldiers of America sacrificed their lives while on a mission to kill Omar Abadi. We don’t know if he issues the press release, but he is not out of trouble, as he finds out at the end of the film. Oslo is a man of method and he is always one step ahead. He is remorseless, as he should be, but he takes his time before coming to a decision until he realizes that he needs to pull the plug. But this time, pulling the plug doesn’t work because the video of Visser shooting Bill still exists. As his final resort, Oslo contacts his handler.

Agent Game will have a sequel because Harris, Kavinsky, and Miller will come after Oslo, who will team up with the yet-anonymous guy. We have to wait to find out whether Harris makes Oslo pay for what he has done or whether Oslo, with help from the CIA, puts Harris behind bars.


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