Vedant Malik In ‘Adhura,’ Explained: How Are Vedant And Ninad Connected To Each Other?

In every school, there are such students who appear to carry a burden of silence upon their shoulders. This particular individual, marked by an unspoken melancholy, guards their inner world and doesn’t let anyone in. In the intriguing tale of Adhura, the central character, Vedant Malik, finds himself on a similar path that is filled with unexpected twists, but everything changes when he encounters a mysterious friend who emerges from the shadows.


Spoilers Ahead 

Vedant’s Struggle With Bullies

Beneath Vedant’s identity as a diligent student, there are various underlying issues that go unnoticed by his parents. Despite his academic success, Vedant secretly deals with the challenges of his boarding school experience, enduring nights filled with tears and a constant struggle. Unfortunately, his parents, particularly his father, fail to recognize the severity of his distress, prioritizing their family legacy above all else. In their pursuit of preserving their heritage, they overlook their son’s emotional well-being, dismissing his struggles as mere trifles. However, the weight of the boarding school on Vedant’s mind is far from insignificant.


As the sun sets, Vedant’s problems intensify, transforming each night into a daunting trial. With the absence of supervision, a distressing pattern emerges as other students seize the opportunity to prey upon Vedant’s vulnerability. Fear becomes his constant companion, and he becomes entangled in a web of relentless bullying, subjecting him to brutal pranks that leave him scared and defenseless. This granted anonymity to Vedant’s tormentors, emboldening them to unleash their cruelty without restraint. They seize every opportunity to exploit his fears and insecurities, knowing well that there is no one to shield him from their abuse. Vedant’s distress becomes a source of entertainment for these bullies, fueling their desire for dominance and control.

Vedant’s wish for a simple and peaceful life outside the confines of the boarding school becomes a persistent yearning. He longs to be present with his family, to share in their company during dinner, and to find peace within the familiar walls of his own home. Unfortunately, the reality he faces only grows bleeker. The situation takes a devastating turn when Vedant finds himself embroiled in a harrowing incident: the discovery of murdered puppies. The shocking and disturbing nature of this event shocks the entire school, instigating fear. Rumors begin to circulate, casting Vedant as mentally unstable. 


Vedant’s Connection With Ninad 

Within the corridors of the boarding school, another presence lingers in the form of Ninad, a restless spirit who roams the premises long after darkness falls. Unlike Vedant, Ninad is no longer among the living, yet fate intertwines their paths in the most unexpected manner. As Vedant endures the torment of being bullied, Ninad emerges as a spectral savior, fiercely protecting him from harm. From the moment Ninad intervenes, a bond forms between the two, a connection that transcends the boundaries of the living and the dead. Vedant, who has struggled to trust others, finds solace and reassurance with Ninad. It is through this ethereal companionship that Vedant discovers a sense of security and support—a promise from Ninad to be by his side, come what may.

Vedant realizes that Ninad’s choice to possess his body stems from a shared history of suffering and injustice. Ninad’s untimely demise mirrors the issues that Vedant faces, and this helps Ninad seek vengeance against those who caused his own tragic fate and he yearns to reunite with his best friend. Although Ninad’s actions involve meddling with human lives, his presence acts as a shield for Vedant. Vedant finds solace in this protection, knowing that he is no longer alone in his struggles. Despite the moral ambiguity of Ninad’s intentions, he provides Vedant with the strength he needs to keep his bullies at bay.


The reunion of Ninad and his best friend Adhiraj at the boarding school marks a significant turning point in the series. As Adhiraj returns, a series of poignant moments unfold, depicting the friendship between Adhiraj and Ninad and how Vedant becomes an integral part of this intricate relationship. Adhiraj serves as a bridge between the world of the living and the spiritual realm inhabited by Ninad. Vedant, now intertwined with Ninad’s spirit, is drawn towards Adhiraj, feeling an inexplicable pull that mirrors the connection Ninad and Adhiraj shared in their past. With Vedant’s help, Ninad is able to communicate with Adhiraj. The appearance of Ninad’s birthmark now mirrored on both Vedant’s and Adhiraj’s hands, serves as a tangible symbol of the connection between the three individuals. 

Vedant’s Bond With Supriya 

In the midst of Vedant’s loneliness and alienation, Supriya Ghosh, a compassionate counselor, becomes an integral part of his life. While others view Vedant as a burden and treat him with indifference, Supriya recognizes the importance of truly seeing and listening to him. Despite Vedant’s peculiar behavior and unsettling vibes, Supriya refuses to give up on him, determined to unravel the complexities of his mind and offer him the guidance he desperately needs. Supriya’s empathy and dedication come from her own personal experiences with psychological challenges. She understands the impact of feeling isolated and abandoned, having walked a similar path herself. This understanding fuels her determination to connect with Vedant on a deeper level and provide the help he requires.

While Ninad may harbor reservations or dislike towards Supriya, Vedant feels good with her. He recognizes the genuine care and concern she extends toward him, offering a safe space for him to share his thoughts and fears without judgment. Vedant loves to be around Supriya, feeling understood and validated in a way that he hasn’t been before. Supriya’s belief in Vedant’s potential and her ability to look beyond his strange behavior forge a strong link between them. She becomes a trusted ally; someone Vedant can rely on when Ninad’s intentions become concerning. Vedant’s protective nature manifests as he warns Supriya when he senses potential harm from Ninad, allowing her to navigate the delicate dynamics of their existence with caution.

Vedant’s Transformation

Indeed, Vedant’s journey with Ninad’s spirit proves to be a remarkable transformation, showcasing the incredible strength within a young boy’s heart. Despite Vedant’s initial fear and vulnerability, he embarks on a path filled with extraordinary encounters and experiences that surpass the limits of what many adults could endure. Throughout this journey, Ninad was no longer inhabiting Vedant’s body, and continued to influence and protect him. The strength and support Ninad imparted to Vedant remain ingrained within him, serving as a wellspring of courage. Vedant will continue to carry this with him and confront those who disregard the value of life, determined to fight against such callousness.


Initially, Vedant’s fear demonstrated Ninad’s impact on his character. The toll on Vedant’s physical health and the difficulties he faced, symbolizes the sacrifices that Vedant has made. Yet, guided by Ninad’s influence, Vedant has the potential to save lives. As Vedant bids farewell to the school premises that have been both a source of torment and growth, a radiant smile graces his face, illuminating the path before him. This smile, perhaps the first genuine one in a long time, symbolizes the fulfillment of his deepest wishes and the realization that he is finally going back home to his family. Vedant’s story serves as an impassioned call to action, urging us to recognize the consequences of abuse and bullying that too often go ignored or dismissed. At times like this, the significance of a single person stepping forward to offer help becomes resoundingly clear – it has the power to save countless innocent lives.

Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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