Supriya Ghosh In ‘Adhura,’ Explained: Does Supriya Get Possessed In The End?

The weight of our past mistakes can often feel burdensome, haunting our thoughts and stirring up feelings of regret. It is during these moments of introspection that we find ourselves contemplating alternate paths, wondering what could have been if we had chosen differently. However, no matter how fervently we wish to rewrite history, the past remains immutable, forever etched in our heart. It is a humbling realization that forces us to accept that some wounds may never fully heal. Such was the case when Supriya Ghosh crossed paths with Vedant in the series, Adhura. In their serendipitous meeting, Supriya’s life underwent a metamorphosis, propelling her to make choices that would ultimately define her true character. 


Spoilers Ahead 

Supriya’s Struggle With Postpartum Depression

Supriya and her husband Anirudh embarked on a joyous journey together, embracing the cherished dream of starting a family. The arrival of their little bundle of joy, Abhi, seemed to bless their lives with happiness. Initially, the air shimmered with celebration, echoing the auspiciousness of Abhi’s birth. Supriya and Anirudh showered their child with love as their dreams of parenthood materialized, and they reveled in the tender moments of nurturing their precious baby. However, as life would have it, Supriya found herself ensnared in the clutches of postpartum depression, a formidable adversary that stealthily invaded her mind. The once-joyous cries of her beloved baby gradually became suffocating, their intensity unraveling her fragile state of mind. The overwhelming weight of despair drove her to a dark precipice, where she no longer wished to gaze upon her child’s innocent visage.


Despite Anirudh’s efforts and impassioned pleas, Supriya resisted seeking professional help. Her internal battles manifested as extended periods of immobility and detachment, leaving her isolated in the caverns of her own anguish. The strain on their relationship grew palpable as the couple found themselves entangled in turbulent fights, the echoes of their pain reverberating within the confines of their home. Then, one fateful day, the unthinkable transpired. While bathing Abhi, Supriya’s frayed nerves reached a breaking point, unable to bear the ceaseless cries any longer. Overwhelmed by a desperate yearning for silence, she succumbed to a horrifying impulse, submerging her innocent child in the water. 

In an eerie stillness, she remained unmoving and continued to dress up the lifeless body of Abhi. She placed him in his crib, and when Anirudh returned home, his heart brimming with anticipation, he rushed to greet his beloved son. But his joy was swiftly shattered as he discovered that Abhi was long gone. His anguished cries echoed through the house. Desperate, he sought to reach out to Supriya, calling out her name with a pleading fervor, but she remained eerily still, seemingly transported to another realm where pain could no longer touch her. Unbeknownst to her, his heartbreak became insurmountable, driving him crazy. Consumed by the anguish of losing Abhi and the unbearable weight of his grief, he put an end to his life. 


Supriya’s Efforts To Fix Things 

In the web of her own past, Supriya has long evaded the haunting specters that linger within her. She is reluctant to leave the Nilgiri Valley School, hoping to escape the tumultuous storms brewing within her own life. However, an intriguing observation emerges as she consistently avoids calls from her family, as if she is afraid to confront her past. There is a palpable sense that Supriya’s inner strength wanes, leaving her ill-equipped to face the turmoil that lies in her hometown. By avoiding her problems, she seeks solace in a misguided attempt to cope. But fate, as it often does, forms new connections. It is in the serendipitous meeting with Vedant that Supriya bears witness to Vedant’s struggles with bullies and the supernatural entity that accompanies him. 

With this, Supriya understands that her role as a counselor extends far beyond conventional boundaries. In Vedant, she views her beloved son Abhi, and this feeling invokes her maternal instincts. Supriya’s desire to protect Vedant emerges as a reflection of her own remorse for failing to safeguard her son. Through her encounters with Vedant, Supriya gradually grasps the lesson that mistakes need not be permanent. While some scars may never fade, redemption and healing are within reach. Saving Vedant’s life becomes a path to seek atonement for the tragic end that befell her own son. It is through this purpose that Supriya begins to choose healing and forgiveness.


Supriya’s Transformation

In the beginning, Supriya’s relationship with Vedant was confined to the boundaries of her professional duty. But as she delved deeper into Vedant’s life and witnessed his transformation, a significant shift occurred within her. As Vedant’s personality underwent several changes, Supriya’s concern for him grew exponentially. She became deeply invested in his well-being, sensing the weight of his burdens and the battles he fought within. In an effort to alleviate his sense of isolation, she chose to be a constant presence by his side, sacrificing her own time and energy to ensure he never felt alone. Supriya’s commitment to protecting Vedant highlights the depth of their bond, and despite the risks and challenges that accompanied their journey, she refused to waver. She understood the significance of her role in Vedant’s life, recognizing that she was someone he could rely on when no one else was there for him. 

Supriya’s belief system remained rooted in the tangible realm of the living, as she attributed Vedant’s difficulties to psychological challenges rather than supernatural forces. She recognized the myriad issues plaguing Vedant’s mind, stemming from a lack of parental support and the constant belittlement he endured from his peers. Despite his intellectual brilliance, his classmates failed to recognize his worth, exacerbating his feelings of isolation. Throughout their journey, the spirit of Ninad Raman loomed menacingly, aware of Supriya’s haunting past and seeking to inflict harm upon her. He stood by her side, ensuring that Supriya remained distant from the clutches of Ninad’s ghostly influence. When Vedant was ready to go back home, he expressed his gratitude to Supriya, acknowledging the immeasurable impact she had on his life. Decades of suppressed emotions found release and Supriya was finally unburdened from the chains that had bound her mind for so long.


Supriya’s Battle With The New Entity

The concluding moments of the series Adhura deliver a powerful and unexpected climax, setting the stage for Supriya’s future with an eerie twist. Determined to make a final connection with her son and release herself from the grips of the painful past, Supriya decides to consult a medium. Little does she know that this encounter will unleash a malevolent force that will devour her pain and take possession of her very being. As the reading commences, an overwhelming sense of fear grips the medium, signaling that the spirit she has contacted is not the gentle presence of Supriya’s son, Abhi. Lost in her own thoughts and emotions, Supriya becomes entranced by the surroundings, becoming one with the elements that surround her. In the depths of her intense chanting of her son’s name, she unknowingly opens the door for a spirit to take hold of her.

This spirit, fueled by a desire for destruction, manifests as a malevolent force that feeds on Supriya’s pain. The true nature and identity of this entity remain shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation and theories to emerge. One compelling hypothesis suggests that the spirit could be Supriya’s deceased husband, Anirudh, seeking revenge for the tragic circumstances of his death, coupled with the anguish of losing his cherished son. The unfolding events imply that this spirit is far from benevolent, casting a foreboding shadow over Supriya’s fate. The story thus leaves audiences yearning for answers and resolution. The subsequent season of Adhura will delve deeper into the enigma, unraveling the secrets behind the malevolent spirit’s intentions and Supriya’s life.


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