‘Adamas’ Episode 5 And 6: Recap And Ending – How Does Team A Find Out About SIH?

Previously, in “Adamas,” Woo Sin planned to search for Adamas while breaking the security system of the mansion. Choi agreed to help him, but Woo Sin got himself into trouble. He searched Kwon’s study room and found nothing. He came out of the house but ran in again when the housemaid told him that Secretary Yoon was still inside. It was a trap, and Woo Sin started suffocating due to halogen gas and collapsed. However, he saw the ceiling and found out the location of Adamas.


Does Woo Sin Find The Adamas?

Hye Soo runs to a security guard and tells him to turn off the emergency system because Woo Sin is still stuck inside. They find him unconscious, but the housemaid forbids them to go to the hospital and calls the doctor instead. Choi visits Woo Sin and asks him if he found the Adamas and gets disappointed to hear the answer. Woo Sin gives him hope by telling him that he saw the ceiling sucking the halogen gas, meaning Adamas is up there. Secretary Yoon complains to the housemaid for risking Woo Sin’s life, but the housemaid asks her instead if she is worried that her plan might fail. She knows that Yoon recommended Woo Sin to the chairman because he resembles her son. She hopes that Hye Soo falls in love with him and divorces Hyun Jo because she is in love with him.

Woo Sin was worried about his missing recorder, but Dong Rim visits him at night and cries. He was going to give the recorder to the housemaid because she threatened him, but he could not betray Woo Sin. He tells Woo Sin that his father needs a liver transplant, and he is the donor. Woo Sin tells him not to worry and that he will see what he can do about it. Seo Hee’s house has an intruder, and it is Lee’s younger brother coming to kill her. However, a SIH agent is inside the house and catches the intruder. They take him to the secret safe house of SIH. Seo Hee asks Su Hyeon to trust her, and they go to the SIH safe house as well. He finds out about the plan of SIH, but he loses his mind after knowing Woo Sin is also involved in it.


Lee understands that his brother has been caught and needs to be found soon. His brother is being interrogated by the SIH agent and being given an electric shock, but he hasn’t spoken a single word. It is as if he knows that his brother will come and save him. Su Hyeon refuses to stay at the safe house, so they have to connect with him Woo Sin through Choi’s satellite phone. Woo Sin tells him that he knows what he is doing, but Su Hyeon is not convinced. The team leader orders Choi to stop their movements because they have a lead, but Woo Sin refuses to obey them.

Kwon and Hye Soo are leaving to meet Hyun Jo, and surprisingly, the housemaid is also leaving for some reason. No one frequents the third floor of the mansion other than the housemaid, and it is the perfect chance for Woo Sin to sneak into Kwon’s study room. Just before Hye Soo has to leave with the chairman, Woo Sin stops her for an urgent conversation. Hye Soo moved Dong Rim’s father into her hospital after Dong Rim asked for her help. She doesn’t mean to harm Dong Rim’s father, but it is a strategic move to keep Dong Rim in check as he has heard the recording. Dong Rim and Woo Sin bicker over stealing the Adamas and getting into trouble, while Guard Kim looks at them with suspicion. He turns a blind eye and pretends he knows nothing.


While everyone is out, Woo Sin goes to Kwon’s study room at night and presses the secret button under the table. The glass case lowers from the ceiling, but Adamas has disappeared from it. Woo Sin guesses that the housemaid must have taken it somewhere else. A guard noticed someone inside Kwon’s room, but Kim lied to him that it was Maid Oh. He has been siding with Woo Sin without letting him know, but for unknown reasons. Back at SIH house, Su Hyeon has taken over the interrogation and threatens the intruder by injecting an anesthetic, hoping he will answer the questions. But he doesn’t know that it is not an anesthetic but a muscle relaxer and can really cause death. Seo Hee tries to inform him, but the SIH agent stops her by using force.

Where Are Su Hyeon And Seo Hee Hiding?

The intruder starts losing his breath, and Su Hyeon starts panicking. He runs to the control room and finds the truth, but there is another issue. Team A has found the secret house through a GPS tracker on the intruder, and they are armed. The SIH aborts the activities and runs away. However, Seo Hee has been missing, and Su Hyeon stays behind to find her. She has been caught by Team A, but Su Hyeon comes to her rescue, and a SIH agent comes back and saves them by distracting the Team A members. Su Hyeon takes Seo Hee to Woo Sin’s home, hoping no one will find them there. Lee finds his brother in a miserable state and sends him to the hospital. He sees Su Hyeon drugging his brother in the CCTV footage on the laptop and decides to avenge him.


Hye Soo knows her husband has an affair with Secretary Yoon, and she doesn’t mind it. She never married him against her own will. Hyun Jo told her to wait until his father died, and then they could divorce because he was also forced to get married to her. At the dinner, she hears Kwon telling Hyun Jo about taking his advice and sending the housemaid to do the work. She later finds out from Hyun Jo that he is getting rid of Adamas to let go of the past. Woo Sin still needs to check something in Kwon’s room, and he gets to use the time when the drone stops working for five minutes to recharge. Choi tells him the timings, and Woo Sin enters the study room again.

SIH knows that Su Hyeon and Seo Hee are alive, but they have not reached out to them yet, nor do they know where they are staying. They are keeping their distance in case Team A has been using them as bait. Su Hyeon thinks that no one can find them in Woo Sin’s apartment, but Team A’s member named Sun has already found them and has been keeping an eye on them. Su Hyeon uses a public telephone to call his colleague and tells him to secure the papers in Lee Chang Woo’s case. He doubts that his phone has been tapped, but Sun has tapped his entire house and can hear everything that he and Seo Hee are talking about. Su Hyeon is not able to understand why Woo Sin is acting this way because he has never been emotional and made level-headed decisions.

‘Adamas’ Episode 6: Ending

Woo Sin doesn’t find anything special in Kwon’s study room, so he decides to enter his bedroom. He finds a secret path from his bedroom that leads to the housemaid’s room. Maid Oh has been looking for Woo Sin as she has become suspicious of him after a guard asked her why she was in Kwon’s study late at night. She hears a movement from the housemaid’s room, but Woo Sin goes back before she enters. The drone is in the sky again, and Choi can still see Woo Sin in Kwon’s study room. When Woo Sin goes up again, he sees Guard Kim and Maid Oh arrive. Kim lied again that he had brought Woo Sin to the study room. Oh wants to ask them for an explanation about their suspicious activities.

Woo Sin had seen an art booklet by Pattie Jang in Kwon’s study room, and Hye Soo visited the same artist and asked her about the Adamas. The artist tells her that it is a valuable artifact, but it has reached the end of its lifeline and needs to go through change. Lee’s brother has died, and he is determined to kill Woo Sin to avenge Su Hyeon. He knocks on Woo Sin’s apartment, disguised as a delivery boy. How will Su Hyeon and Seo Hee save themselves from Lee? We will find out in the next episode of “Adamas.”


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