‘Adamas’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap and Ending- How Does The Housemaid Trap Woo-sin Inside The Mansion?

Previously, in “Adamas,” Hye Soo revealed to Woo Sin that she didn’t recommend him to Chairman Kwon. Woo Sin believed so because he had received a letter from her about his father’s real murderer. Su Hyeon visited the witness of the murder, and on the same day, the witness was reported to have committed suicide after murdering his wife. Su Hyeon has become more suspicious, which means that his life is in danger as well.


Why Does Woo Sin Put Him And Dong Rim In Danger?

Su Hyeon has a surprise visitor at home, and it is Kim Seo Hee. She has not been well and reveals that the couple whom they visited and who had just died were her parents. She regrets making Su Hyeon visit them. Both of them know that it is not a suicide but a murder and also understand that the real murder of Su Hyeon’s father is still keeping an eye on everyone regarding the case. Lee from Team A of Haesong finds out that Su Hyeon has been investigating the case but orders his subordinate to just keep an eye on him for now.

Officer Choi meets Woo Sin in his room and warns him to leave the mansion. Woo Sin drinks water and acts like he has been poisoned. Choi immediately runs for his help and brings Vitamin K supplements from Woo Sin’s medicines. Choi tells him that he doesn’t want to kill him, but he has his eyes on his brother, Su Hyeon. One wrong step from Woo Sin and Su Hyeon will pay for it. The housemaid greets Woo Sin for the first time since he arrived, and she tells him that she doesn’t want to upset her master and that Woo Sin will be leaving soon. He doesn’t understand what she means, but he visits Hye Soo again to find more information on Adamas. This time, he records their conversation and uses it against her.


Hye Soo has tried to warn Woo Sin many times, but she realizes that he is a ticking bomb, and if she cannot send him out of the mansion, she can take the Chairman away. She requests Kwon to go to Venice with her to spend some time in their villa, which her lost son loved. He cannot refuse this request and decides to go. With this, Kwon tells Woo Sin to go back as he won’t be coming back from Venice anytime within a year. This puts Woo Sin in a difficult spot. He has been trying to reopen his father’s murder case, and according to Choi, it is too late to reopen that case. However, Woo Sin has counted the days, and there are eighteen days still remaining.

Woo Sin is lost, but his assistant, Dong Rim, helps him in an unexpected way. Dong Rim’s father uses sign language, and hence, he can understand it. He sees Kwon’s assistant Yoon explaining something to him in sign language, and he has to tell Woo Sin about it. They were talking about some new business related to weapons. Woo Sin remembers Choi telling him about Haesong Group’s alliance with the biggest armor company in Korea. He guesses that they have been planning to legalize weapons after Hwang is elected as president. Woo Sin takes Dong Rim to Kwon and tells him what he knows from their conversation.


Weapon legalization is extremely confidential information, and its leak could cause a huge loss to Kwon’s company and his political vision. He cancels his trip to Venice and also forbids Woo Sin and Dong Rim to leave the mansion until the elections are over. Woo Sin risked his and Dong Rim’s lives to buy more time in Kwon’s mansion, but he finally got it. However, his brother is being tailed by both Haesong and the intelligence service. Inside the mansion, everyone is continuously being tracked with biometric AI, and one of the guards has noticed that Choi and Woo Sin have been meeting often.

Does Choi Agree To Help Woo Sin?

Woo Sin finishes his talk with Choi but bumps into Hye Soo on his way back. She is not happy with how things have turned out and tells Woo Sin that she expected Su Hyeon to make a move before him. It turns out that Su Hyeon doesn’t know the reality. Their father, who was murdered, was their step-father, and the murderer, Lee Chang Woo, was their biological father. Their mother had told Woo Sin before she passed away. Woo Sin requests Hye Soo to not let Su Hyeon know about it, but Hye Soo cannot promise him anything because she has to have something against him.


Dong Rim forgets to tell Woo Sin that the interview with the Chairman has been canceled because he has gone to Seoul to meet his son, Hyun Jo. The Chairman tells him about the incident between Woo Sin and Dong Rim, but Hyun Jo doesn’t understand why his father is going easy on him. However, the real reason the Chairman visited his son was to tell him that he was going to retire and that Hyun Jo should prepare to become the next Chairman. The housemaid has seen Choi and Woo Sin talking and calls Choi for an explanation. He manages the situation but finds out what she thinks of Woo Sin. She believes that Woo Sin is going to write about Min Jo’s accident in his next book, and she is totally against it.

According to the information he got from Choi, Woo Sin has been observing the mansion for a while and has made a plan. There are fire detectors in the house but no corresponding water sprinklers for them. Since the house has many expensive artifacts, instead of water, Halogen gas is used to remove oxygen. In the event of a fire, everyone has to leave the house within three minutes before the firewalls come down. Woo Sin plans to use this in his favor and will check the Chairman’s study room within three minutes to find any secret passage. He asks Choi for his help, which he agrees to do eventually. Choi has been thinking of getting Woo Sin on his team but is being careful.

Back in Seoul, Team A’s Lee has been keeping an eye on Su Hyeon, Seo Hee, and Chang Woo. He gets agitated when he knows that Su Hyeon knows more than he should. When he finds out about the sketch that Su Hyeon showed Chang Woo, he understands that Seo Hee is also a witness to the murder. He decides to stop them now, or it will be too late. Lee’s younger brother works on his team as well but doesn’t have field experience. He is going to join the team for this work, but there are high chances that he will make a mistake. However, his brother is not aware of his participation yet.

‘Adamas’ Episode 4: Ending

Dong Rim’s father has been sick, and he gets a call from his mother that his father has been moved to the VIP ward, but his condition has been declining. He goes to thank the housemaid when he finds out that she has arranged the VIP room for his father, but she asks him to do something for her in return, which he strongly declines. Woo Sin has decided to execute his plan when the Chairman arrives, and most of the staff will be outside. Choi breaks a fire detector in the kitchen and turns on the emergency alarm from the security system. While everyone runs out, Woo Sin checks the Chairman’s study room but finds nothing.


After receiving a call from his mother about his father’s worsening health, Dong Rim was about to tell the housemaid that he would do anything she wanted, but the alarms went off. Woo Sin arrives late but makes the excuse of finding Dong Rim. Dong Rim notices that Secretary Yoon is not outside, and Woo Sin volunteers to escort her since she is deaf. The housemaid knows that Yoon is not inside, but she tells Woo Sin to go to the Chairman’s bedroom. The firewalls close down, and Woo Sin is unable to breathe. He falls on his back but sees something that shows him the location of Adamas. How will Woo Sin survive this sudden attack by the housemaid? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Adamas.”

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