‘Accused’ Episode 12: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Morgan Knight Go To Prison?

Episode 12 of “Accused” shows how a wealthy guy, to prove his power to his wife and himself, does all he can to set her up and send her to prison. It is bizarre how blinded and materialistic a person can be by money so as to use it as an excuse to prove how much he loves his family by merely providing for it with excesses without a tinge of his time or care.


Spoilers Ahead


Morgan is presently being held at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. She was going through a divorce with her husband, Jason, when she was arrested for the possession of drugs that could send her to prison for up to 20 years. What’s the reason for her divorce? Did she really deal in drugs? Are these two scenarios interrelated? This is the case of Morgan Knight.


Morgan teaches at Pembroke Elementary School, where she meets Kashir, who prevents a kid in her class from choking. While leaving, she meets him again, and it seems like the beginning of a new friendship. Once their chat is over, Kashir leaves on his bicycle. Morgan is about to get into her yellow Porsche, which her husband has presented her solely based on his taste when she finds she’s got a flat tire. She calls her husband Jason and asks him to pick their son Ari up from school. Jason gets irritated in an instant, telling her that he has to have their babysitter pick him up because he has work. That’s what he pays her for. But since she has taken off that day, Jason needs to send his assistant to pick him up. Before Morgan could complete her sentence, Jason disconnected. It is clear from this little conversation that the only thing that matters to Jason is making a lot of money and being good at his job, but nothing else. He is a filthy rich guy with little else to care for, not even his kid or his wife. Later that night, Morgan tells Jason to take Aro to his recital the next day, as she will be going to Boston for a conference. Jason tells her that he cannot because he has work and asks her to have her meeting rescheduled. This is ridiculous on his part. He thinks that based on how much Morgan gets paid, it’s not her job but her hobby, so she can reschedule work however she wants, but she can’t. So, he will need to take Ari. It’s decided.

The following day, Kashir offers to give Morgan a lift to the station, and she agrees. Next, he offers to join her at the bar as she waits for her train to Boston. And while she does make it clear that she is married, she is clearly glad he asked. The same evening, when Jason arrives from work to pick up Ari for his recital in front of their apartment building, he hears some people talking about a train accident. Upon asking them, he finds out that the train to Boston has derailed—the very train that Morgan was supposed to take. He tries her phone, but there is no response. He then calls up his younger brother, Eric, who is a cop, and asks if he can find out anything about her because she is not picking up her phone. He then tells Ari that they will have to skip the recital and brings him up to their apartment.


Morgan and Kashir are making out in some hotel room when she gets a call from her school principal, who asks her if she’s okay. Sensing the relief in the principal’s voice when Morgan tells her that she has missed the train, she realizes that something is wrong. Morgan turns on the TV and learns about the Boston train derailment. That’s why Jason was calling her. But she didn’t pick up.

Jason is in his apartment with his son Ari and his brother Eric. He sends Ari to his room so that he can talk to his brother. This is when Morgan enters. Realizing that the husband and wife are going to have a heated debate, Eric politely leaves. Jason is upset, to say the least, about Morgan not answering his calls. Morgan tells him that she wants a divorce. Jason straightaway asks her about the guy she is sleeping with. Morgan makes it clear that even if she is, it’s not the reason why she wants the divorce. Jason never realized that he needed to spend time with his family and that merely earning and spending money for them was not enough. A high-end apartment means nothing when the family living inside it isn’t happy. Morgan tells him to his face that the reason he might have been worried when he heard about the accident is that he knew that he would have to take care of Ari on his own. And that’s what he can never do. He may be a father, but he isn’t a dad. Morgan decides to sleep in the guest room for the night.


Not Guilty

The judge tells Morgan Knight that her felony could send her to prison for up to 20 years. She pleads not guilty. Morgan meets Kashir at school the next day and tells him about the divorce. Although he wasn’t the reason for it, he did help her realize how much she needed it and helped her let go. And for that, she is thankful. Kashir mentions that he is glad that he has been able to help her. Jason is at work but is unable to concentrate on his recent profit that has made the company richer by $36 million. He has been promoted as a result, but that doesn’t concern him. He is busy searching for the guy who is sleeping with his wife on Pembroke Elementary School’s Instagram page.

Morgan visits a counselor to get things out of her head. There, she reveals that Jason had a difficult childhood, his mom and his father died when he was 10, and he had to work really hard to feed himself and his brother. Jason didn’t want that for his wife and child. But in trying to make sure of that, he forgot about his wife and child entirely. And while it made him feel good that his wife didn’t have to go to work as his mother used to, Morgan found herself living a life where she had to turn to him for everything. Morgan is stuck and wants to get out now.

The same night, Jason tries to overpower Morgan in bed, but she pushes him away. The chaos brings Ari out of his bed. Morgan threatens Jason with arrest for what he just did. But she doesn’t follow through with it. Three months later, we find her and Jason with their respective lawyers at a divorce hearing. While Jason had initially agreed to let Morgan have custody of Ari, he now wants it. He tells his lawyer that he cannot see his child with another guy that Morgan has been sleeping with. He files a plea for it, which eventually gets denied. Jason’s lawyer suggests he let it go, as he will still be able to see his kid even after Morgan gets custody. But what Jason wants, Jason gets.

Morgan introduces Kashir to Ari, and they get along pretty well. That night, Jason stalks them and finds them at a restaurant having dinner. He visits Eric, something that Eric’s wife is against as she knows what kind of person Jason is and can be. He only calls Eric when he needs something from him. That’s all Eric is to him: a source. However, she cannot prevent them from meeting. So Jason comes over and, to Eric’s utter shock, asks him to “take care” of the matter in some other way so that Jason can keep Ari. It’s not a question of custody now. It’s a question of power, and Jason is someone who always wants to claim the power he thinks he owns. Eric knows what Jason has in mind and immediately denies him help. As expected, Jason plays his brother card, and the rest is as follows: The next day, Jason meets Morgan to pick up Ari and tells her that he is dropping the custody case. Morgan finds it uncharacteristic but goes with it. The same night, cops pull her over as she is driving with Kashir in her yellow Porsche. Inside the trunk, the cops find drugs. Morgan and Kashir are arrested. At the police station, she finds out from her lawyer that cocaine, scales, and bags have been recovered at her home. The prosecution also has phone records and bank statements as proof. Morgan knows that all this is Jason’s doing, thanks to the corrupt power that money brings.


Witness Or Not

At the hearing, Morgan’s lawyer explains to the judge and the jury how she needs to be granted bail until her trial. Morgan needs to go to work so that she can feed her kid. The judge agrees, but before she can pass her judgment, the prosecution asks to present their witness. What witness?

Eric has hired a guy, Flaco Delgado, thanks to his sources as a cop, who is supposed to corroborate the claim of the prosecution regarding Morgan being a drug dealer. Morgan speaks to Kashir, whose charges have been dropped already, and tells him that not just Jason but Eric too is in on it. Eric is about to leave for the hearing when his wife, Regina, arrives.


At the next hearing, Jason, in the witness box, mentions how shocked he is at Morgan’s situation. He did what he could for her, but it clearly wasn’t enough. For Morgan and us, all this is blatant lying. Eric, who is also present at the hearing, is evidently unable to bear how his brother is framing his wife, and the fact that he has helped him in it makes it much worse. He walks out of the courtroom and rushes to the washroom. A minute later, when his brother Jason enters the washroom and asks him what’s going on, Eric tells him that he cannot keep doing it anymore. Jason warns him, saying that if he opens his mouth in court, he will be going down with Jason. In other words, Eric will go to prison too.

‘Accused’ Episode 12: Ending Explained – Does Morgan Knight Go To Prison?

Flaco Delgado tells the prosecution that he has been buying drugs from Morgan for almost three months. This is when Morgan writes down a question for her lawyer, Ms. Chin, to ask Flaco. When the defense’s chance arrives to question the witness, Ms. Chin starts questioning Flaco about his dealings with Morgan, e.g., the spot, the timings, and more. Flaco answers everything other than the model of Morgan’s car. He says that he isn’t very good with cars and thus doesn’t remember it despite apparently meeting Morgan once or twice a week. Well, to the surprise and shameful disappointment of Jason, Morgan still drives the yellow Porsche that he gifted her. Flaco’s statement is deemed false, and the judge apologizes to Morgan for all she has been through and drops all charges against her, declaring the case an example of how law enforcement officers misuse the powers given to them to uphold the law. After the session concludes, Kashir goes and hugs Morgan. Jason walks out, followed by Eric calling out to him. But before he could reach Jason, some cops surrounded him. Eric gets arrested as his wife, Regina, stares at him.


“Accused” Episode 12 ends with Ari playing with his mother and Kashir at a park. When Ari goes near the bushes to pick up the discus, he sees his father, Jason, looking at him with a smile. The ending proves that it’s not over for Jason or Morgan. He will come after her until he wins this fight. He doesn’t have the brains to understand how it will affect their kid, and all he wants is to win. The kind of guy that he is, he might even think of getting Kashir killed if not Morgan herself. The extent to which people can go to get what they want is unimaginable.

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