‘Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday’ Ending, Explained: How Was Dante Zuuzer Killed And Why?

The sequel to the 2018 action thriller “Accident Man,” which stars Scott Adkins and Ray Stevenson, has just been released. Before we get into the details of the new sequel, let’s go back to 2018 when Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) was first introduced as the “Accident Man.” Mike used to kill people for money as a contract killer. He was taught to kill by Big Ray (Ray Stevenson) when he was young, and he later joined Ray’s group of killers. A man named Milton, played by David Paymer, used to be the face of the group. He would talk to the clients and tell the killers whom they should kill based on the information given by the clients. However, the client’s personal information was not to be shared with anyone. But everything started to go haywire when Mike’s ex-girlfriend Beth was killed. Mike was aware that it was the job of a killer like himself. He kept looking into the matter and found out that Milton was the one who gave the job to one of the killers from Ray’s group. Mike found out about the client after talking to Milton. He went to kill the client and almost killed all of the other assassins in Big Ray’s group. He only left Finicky Fred (Perry Benson) alive because he didn’t want to kill Mike either. After that, Big Ray and Mike worked together to kill Milton. Mike left Big Ray’s business, which left Big Ray with almost nothing.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In the Film ‘Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday’?

In the sequel to 2018’s “Accident Man,” we see Mike working for a mafia family named Zuuzer. However, he was not the only one who worked for them. There were many assassins, such as Mike, who used to work for them. In other words, Mike was now working as a freelance assassin who lived on his own terms. While he was about to enjoy his holidays, he met with Finicky Fred. Fred sought help from Mike to find a woman he had met online. They weren’t friends before, so Mike used this time to create a friendly atmosphere with him. Soon, they became very good friends until, one day, both of them were kidnapped. Then we come across Mrs. Zuuzer, who accuses Mike of trying to kill his son, Dante Zuuzer. Mike told her that he had never tried to kill her son. Mrs. Zuuzer then asked him to find out about the real killer and kill him. Until then, Fred would be kept hostage. Later, Mike saw Big Ray in the town and soon realized that it was Big Ray who tried to kill Dante. He also told Mike that there were more assassins looking to kill Dante as someone had offered 9 million euros for his murder.


Mike started to act as a bodyguard for Dante. He killed every assassin who came to kill Dante. He had some help from a woman named Siu-ling (Sarah Chang), whom he hired based on her karate skills. Later, even Big Ray joined Mike’s side and helped him defeat the most vicious assassin named Oyumi (Andreas Nguyen). However, later, Big Ray also wanted to kill Dante, but he could not as Mike convinced him to do the right thing. Later, Mike and Big Ray go to confront Mrs. Zuuzer and hand Dante over to them in exchange for Finicky Fred. Soon after the business was over, Big Ray pressed a button on a remote, and the suit Dante was wearing blasted. It killed the whole gang of Zuuzer. Fred finally found the woman he had been dating online with the help of Siu-ling. However, she left him soon after knowing that the sweet-looking Fred was also an assassin.

‘Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday’ Ending Explained: How Was Dante Zuuzer Killed And Why?

Finicky Fred was more like a James Bond sort of assassin who believed in technicalities over one-on-one skills in murdering people. He used to make stuff or hack into people’s software systems that would help him kill them. On one such occasion, Fred had made a suit that contained a bomb within. However, Mike had no confidence in one of those suits, as he smoothly, at the right moment, Fred’s creations would have no effect whatsoever. But, when Big Ray told Dante to get suited before taking him to his mother, Mrs. Zuuzer, Mike offered him one of the suits made by Fred. So, when Dante was delivered to his mother, Big Ray pressed the button of the remote to blast him off. Fred’s invention worked smoothly, and the Zuuzer family business was over.


Ray was a man of words, and, being an assassin, he would always finish the job he took. He took the job of killing Dante Zuuzer without much concern about how powerful and influential the Zuuzer family was. Mike tried to warn him about them, but he said that in the old days, assassins like them would not care about who they had to kill. If they were given a contract, they would have killed the person whose name was on it anyway. But Ray realized that killing the entire Zuuzer gang at once was their only chance of survival. So, carrying out the killing while delivering Dante to his mother was more than a perfect time to plan the killing. He was confused between his ethics and the thought of receiving 9 million dollars. So, he decided to kill Dante Zuuzer and his mother, along with their guards.

Final Words:

Unlike the first movie, the second one was already off track from the start. The action scenes went on for too long and were boring. Even the fight between Oyumi and Mike had many predictable moments. All in all, “Action Man: Hitman’s Holiday” isn’t a worthy action thriller. In 2018, “Accident Man” at least had some goals that it tried to reach. In this case, it wasn’t even clear what Mike was trying to do. His friendship with Fred didn’t grow at all. Even the way Mike and Big Ray got along wasn’t as good as it used to be.


“Action Man: Hitman’s Holiday” is a 2022 action thriller directed by George and Harry Kirby.

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