‘Aattam’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Anjali Decide To Leave The Group?

For fellow Malayalam film lovers and theater enthusiasts, the Malayalam film Aattam is going to be such a treat! In a theater group named Arangu, where there are 12 male actors and only one female actor, there is a debacle that occurs after a successful play night. There was a success party where one of the male actors misbehaved with the female actor. The question is, who did it? Seriously, this film is like a wake-up call for our male-dominated society. It’s a bold reminder that despite the #NotAllMen chants, let’s face it—it’s often men behind these kinds of incidents, isn’t it? It’s like a modern twist on 12 Angry Men, but with a powerful message about how women are perceived and the struggles they face, all wrapped up in one gripping storyline. So buckle up to unravel this mystery! Aattam isn’t just another movie—it’s a reflection of our society, and it’s going to leave you with a whole lot to think about!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Anjali? 

Let’s dive into the world of the theater group Arangu and its 13 members—12 men and one woman. The play they’re putting on is a satire on the male gaze in society. From the get-go, we meet Anjali, a passionate actor with the group since she was sixteen. Backstage glimpses reveal how the men see Anjali—not as an equal artist but as someone who helps with chores like stitching clothes and makeup. It’s like she is expected to do all the work, being a woman in the group, as these are all women’s jobs! Despite this, Anjali shines on stage, especially as Padmini (the character) in the play. Even though there are twelve men, she captivates the audience the most! Then there’s Hari, a cinematic actor who recently joined the group. His star power brings in the crowds, leading to more shows and better pay for everyone. It helps them a lot because those who act in the group are very ordinary people; some are drivers, some are plumbers, and some are chefs! Thus, they always struggle to pave their way and make an impact in the theater.


Vinay, another member, dreams of being the lead but feels overshadowed by Hari’s popularity. Their differences fade when the play becomes a hit, and they celebrate at a party hosted by Hari’s foreign friends. Amidst the drinking and dancing, some members criticize Anjali’s clothes and behavior, saying she should not behave so freely in front of the men or dress so openly! But she brushes it off, believing she deserves to enjoy the night after her stellar performance. Little do they know, Anjali and Vinay are having an affair. Vinay keeps it under wraps because he’s not yet divorced. Meanwhile, another member, Prasanth, has a crush on Anjali and plans to confess his feelings, but sadly, Anjali does not feel the same way! As the night wears on, Anjali heads back to her room, which she shares with Sajitha and her daughter. Anjali opens the window to let in some air since the AC isn’t on. But come morning, she’s gone without a trace. What happened? Anjali reveals that someone through the window groped Anjali in her sleep. She suspects it was Hari because she only saw the man from behind, but he left his key behind while running, and she knew the smell of his perfume. Feeling ashamed and disgusted, Anjali confides in Vinay, believing she can trust him. But where does this shocking incident leave the tight-knit theater group? Only time will tell.

What Does The Group Think About The Incident? 

We’ve already seen how Vinay doesn’t like the fact that Hari is the hero of the group after only two years of joining. Vinay has a male ego problem because, despite being in the group for so many years, he hasn’t been cast as the male lead. So when Anjali told him about the incident, it became a personal battle for Vinay to remove Hari from the group. Not only to serve justice but mostly due to his ego clash. When Anjali mentioned she wasn’t sure if it was Hari or not since she had not seen him, Vinay insisted she stick to her statement, referring to the smell she remembers and the keychain as evidence. However, Vinay did something peculiar. He discussed the matter with the senior-most member of the group, Malaban, fearing that if he brought it up with the whole group, they might perceive it as an ego clash. Moreover, if they found out about Anjali and his affair, they might suspect a conspiracy against Hari so that they both become the male and female leads of the group as a couple. After confiding in Malaban, Vinay decided to invite all members of the group to his house to discuss the matter firsthand and decide what to do.


The meeting sequence mirrored the setup of 12 Angry Men, with everyone offering different opinions. Some suggested that Anjali might back out of all these allegations, as these are ridiculous claims about the most honorable member of the group, while others insisted that Hari should be expelled for engaging in such depraved behavior. Some said that Anjali might have been hallucinating due to being so drunk, while others complained that she should have spoken earlier, asking why she took so much time to talk about it! Some demanded proof, while others blamed Anjali’s revealing clothes for the incident. But Hari called the members several times in a relaxed way. If he had committed such an act, wouldn’t he have been tormented by it? Maybe he didn’t do it after all. Some began to worry that Anjali might take legal action, tarnishing the group’s reputation, while others argued that Hari was a prestigious member who shouldn’t be ousted. The possibility of media attention intrigued some members. Throughout the discussion, only Vinay insisted that Hari should be expelled from the group. Was it out of love or ego? That was a perplexing question. But what was truly shocking was that nobody seemed interested in finding out who the real perpetrator was. It exposed the true colors of the men in the group and how indifferent they were to finding out the truth. Ultimately, they decided to write a letter for Anjali’s sake and give the letter to the group leader, Jason, stating they wanted Hari to be expelled from the group.

What Changed Their Mind? 

Meanwhile, something unexpected happened. Hari called Malaban out of the blue and said that his foreign friends wanted to take them on a Europe tour where they would perform in various European states for three months with handsome pay. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. They knew it was a huge opportunity and decided to hold off on sending the letter to Jason, as it could provide them with a significant opportunity to get out of debt. For many of them, this opportunity was life-changing, considering they had ordinary jobs and theater was just a side hustle. Their plan? They believed they should talk to Anjali face-to-face and ask her to forgive Hari, considering it was a one-time incident and they were all drunk. They thought forgiving and forgetting would not break the group and that everyone would perform well on the foreign tour. What a shame! It makes you wonder how strategic men can be!


Why Did Anjali Decide To Leave The Group? 

When Anjali came forward to discuss the matter, the men said they trusted her and were ready to send the letter, but Anjali had to confirm if her accusation against Hari was accurate. However, Anjali explained that her only proof was the key ring, and she didn’t see the perpetrator’s face. This immediately sparked debate among the group. Some accused Anjali of falsely accusing such an honorable man, while others argued that women should never be trusted. They feared that, because of Anjali’s accusations, Hari would have been expelled, and they would have missed out on their foreign tour. It was evident that they were only concerned about themselves and had no interest in serving justice to Anjali. Malaban suggested that Anjali might have experienced tactile hallucinations, where people sometimes feel like they’ve been touched when they haven’t. This left Anjali feeling disgusted; she realized that not only did they not believe her, but they also couldn’t feel the shame and horror of experiencing such a thing. It was something she couldn’t even bring herself to talk about because it made her feel awful. Surely, this feeling couldn’t be an illusion, right? Men could never understand this feeling. Meanwhile, another man showed a picture suggesting that, if Anjali was molested by Hari around 2:30 am, why was there a picture of Hari sleeping during a video call with his wife at 2:12 am? Perhaps it wasn’t Hari after all. Anjali thought maybe these men would never understand her, blaming it all on her clothing and drinking, but surely Vinay would, as he loved her. However, Vinay also showed his true colors. Initially, he denied being in a relationship with Anjali in front of everyone. But then he suggested that Anjali should reconsider the opportunity, as it was rare for them to get such chances, and she should opt for the “forget and forgive” approach. Feeling utterly betrayed and humiliated, Anjali decided these men weren’t worth it. They would never understand her, and being in the group only made her feel disgusted. It was better to leave.

During Aattam‘s ending, an extremely humiliating incident happened. Hari revealed that the entire Europe trip plan was actually a prank! He’d come up with it as payback because Malaban once pulled a similar prank on him. Back when Hari, a cinema star, wanted to join their theater group, Malaban had called him, claiming they were heading to Australia. So, it was a tit-for-tat situation. All the bickering and fighting over this golden opportunity turned out to be nothing. It exposed the true devious nature of men, showing how they only cared about themselves and ignored what Anjali might be going through. In the end, Anjali took the incident to the stage, reenacting her role among the twelve men, saying that she didn’t care to find out who the perpetrator was. Do you know why? Because to her, all those men were no different from the perpetrator; they all had the potential to commit such an act. The incident was shallow and petty in every way. Sitting in the audience, the men felt exposed. Justice wasn’t served by the men but by the theater, by art!

Sutanuka Banerjee
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