‘A Weekend To Forget’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Killed Lisa?

An Amazon Prime Nigerian film, A Weekend to Forget is a mystery thriller with a shocking plot twist. The movie follows a group of friends gathering for a pool party on a weekend, but everything goes wrong when a dead body is found in the pool. Soon, everyone starts blaming each other until the real culprit is revealed. It’s a basic plotline with a pinch of drama and suspense; however, by the end, this film does a better job than most other Nigerian films.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The film opens with a horrifying introduction to Lisa’s father, Asaja, the fierce gang leader and businessman, who barged into a hotel room to kill a fraud business partner. Back at home, Asaja’s daughter, Lisa, was excited to go to a pool party held at her boyfriend’s cousin’s place. Asaja gave her permission to have fun, and he also kind of warned Bem that he must bring Lisa back without a scratch. Bem was already intimidated by Asaja, so he became extra cautious. Taking Asaja’s car, Bem and Lisa headed to the huge mansion of Ferdy, Bem’s cousin. There, Ferdy’s other close friends, Shima and his wife Layo, and Tito and his fiancée Ndali also joined, but Shima wasn’t happy at all to see Bem had joined the party. Shima and Bem had a feud since the final year of their school, when Bem, who used to have affiliation with a weapon-dealing cult, framed Shima for the possession of weapons and got him suspended from school. Moreover, Bem didn’t have any idea that he was dating someone who had a past relationship with Shima. Shima, despite his marriage to Layo, had an intimate relationship with Lisa until they broke up only one month prior. Meanwhile, Tito wasn’t very happy to see Bem either, seemingly because of his past reputation. Tito was a big star in Nollywood and a brand ambassador for a famous alcohol brand in Nigeria.


Shima and Lisa got a chance to talk in private when Lisa vented out her anger on Shima and showed him something that got him worried. Lisa was pregnant, and as proof, she had a picture of her pregnancy kit. Shima asked her to abort the child, but Lisa was determined that she’d keep it. Lisa soon became an eye-catcher for everyone present. When Tito bumped into Lisa, she managed to recognize a tattoo on his back. Lisa quickly realized that the tattoo she had seen was from an adult video featuring Tito. She told Tito that if she ever tried to leak the video on the internet, exposing him, his career would be over. Worried, Tito had this conversation with Ndali, who assured him that she’d take care of matters, but despite talking it out with Lisa and trying to negotiate, Ndali couldn’t make her delete the video from her phone. Shockingly, in the evening, right after this heated argument, the lights went off and a scream was heard. Ndali rushed back to the pool and found Lisa’s dead body floating in the water.

What Happened To Bem?

The body was soon recovered, and Layo, who had a medical degree, checked if she was alive or dead. It turned out that Lisa was dead, which changed the entire atmosphere of the evening. Bem got infuriated and demanded to know if anyone in the house had committed the killing. Meanwhile, Tito tried to get out of there to save his neck, but no one let him escape so easily. Ndali got the chance and grabbed Lisa’s phone to delete the video, but before she could do so, Tito, Shima, Ferdy, and Bem began to have arguments among themselves regarding Lisa’s death. Everyone started blaming each other, until Shima made an evil decision to put all the blame on Bem’s shoulders, because if by any chance Asaja came to know about his daughter’s death in the presence of these guys, he’d kill them all. However, it wasn’t very easy to defeat Bem in a fight, but Ndali managed to strike him unconscious. Shima decided to throw Bem’s body into the pool to kill him, and although hesitant at first, everyone eventually agreed to let Bem die. Shima, Tito, and Ferdy drowned Bem in the water and killed him, but it was almost dawn, so they couldn’t dig up a grave to dispose of the bodies. Therefore, they came up with a plan to make the deaths look like an accident. They drove both Bem and Lisa to nearby bushes and made the scene appear to be a car accident that had claimed both of their lives. Back home, everyone else cleaned up the entire house, and the next morning they returned home.


Who Killed Lisa?

After Lisa’s dead body was found, Shima had suspicions about his wife, Layo. What seemed to be the same pregnancy kit he had been shown by Lisa was found in Layo’s bag. Shima thought that probably his wife had somehow found out about Lisa and tried to take her out. Shima confronted Layo, who told him that she didn’t have any idea that her husband had cheated on her with Lisa and gotten her pregnant. She also explained that the pregnancy kit was her own, as she had also been testing her pregnancy result. Shima trusted his wife and asked to be forgiven, but it had already broken Layo’s heart. She had been trying to get pregnant for years after her marriage with Shima, but as she found out that her husband had made another woman pregnant, she felt betrayed.

Layo seemed to be a calm and intelligent woman who was composed even in such a messed-up situation, so without trying to blame anyone, she decided to check for a murder weapon in the aftermath of Lisa’s death and found it in the cupboard of Bem’s room. While everyone was pointing their fingers at Bem, Layo showed them the weapon, but Bem had no idea how it ended up in his cupboard. However, as soon as Bem was out of the picture and everyone returned home safely, Shima found something shocking in his car. He found the necklace with an “L” locket, which he had previously gifted to Lisa. Taking the necklace, he entered his house and asked Layo how she got a hold of it. Layo explained it to him, saying that she had already been aware of Shima cheating on her for a long time. She even found that necklace in his drawer and thought that her husband might have planned to give it to her on their anniversary, but gift-giving was far away; he didn’t even remember the anniversary date. Layo realized that Shima was cheating on her, and when she finally got a chance to meet Lisa at the party, she thought of taking revenge on her. Moreover, knowing that Lisa was pregnant angered her even more, so she struck Lisa with the murder weapon and pushed her into the pool. Later, she sneaked into Bem’s room and put the weapon there to frame him.


The revelation came as a shock to Shima, rendering him speechless. He could only ask his wife how on earth she could bring herself to commit such a heinous crime, but Layo didn’t have any remorse for it. She was proud that she had made this decision in order to protect her family, so she told her husband that she had also forgiven him for his mistake to save their marriage from breaking apart. Now she wanted her husband to forget everything that happened the night before, and Shima had no choice but to obey his wife.

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Poulami Nanda
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