‘A Perfect Story’ (2023) Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Margarita And David?

We often find ourselves wandering through moments of doubt and uncertainty, unsure of where we belong or if we truly deserve the best that life has to offer. But amidst the confusion that envelops us, there exists a truly extraordinary phenomenon: the appearance of that one special person who has the power to transform everything we believe about ourselves. That’s how Margarita and David’s unexpected encounter changed their perceptions and their lives forever. Get ready to be swept away by a heartwarming tale, A Perfect Story, that transcends boundaries and brings together two people from contrasting worlds, as love blooms between them unexpectedly, defying all odds and societal norms.


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How Do Margarita And David Undergo A Simultaneous Transformation In Their Lives?

Margarita and David seemingly lead happy lives, but a hidden yearning lies dormant within both of them. Despite their apparent contentment with their partners, Filippo and Idoia, a sense of inadequacy and the desire to break free from their monotonous lifestyles gnaw at their souls. Margarita, belonging to the prestigious Ortega family and set to marry her partner, Filippo, is trapped in a life of luxury she never truly desired. The Ortega family’s fortune constantly shadows Margarita, trailing her wherever she goes. Despite Margarita’s discomfort with the lavish lifestyle, she struggles to break free from the expectations placed on her shoulders. Her aspirations lean towards simplicity and authenticity rather than the grandeur associated with her family’s hotel empire.


The impending wedding ceremony with Filippo fills her with anxiety as the pressure to conform to societal expectations intensifies. People around Margarita may praise her luck to have Filippo, but deep inside, she feels like an imposter, doubting her worthiness for such a fortunate union. When the overwhelming rush leading up to the wedding becomes too much to bear, Margarita makes the courageous decision to flee from her own wedding. It’s not a reflection of Filippo being a bad person; instead, it is her yearning for time and space to truly understand her own wishes. With Filippo away for two months, Margarita immerses herself in introspection, searching for the authenticity she craves.

David, on the other hand, faces a different set of challenges with his partner, Idoia. Even so, David’s roommates, Iván and Domi, help him recognize his worth and appreciate the simple joys in life. Despite their encouragement, David struggles to see his value and constantly blames himself for not being enough for his partner, Idoia. She views his behavior as immature and mocks his genuine self. But Idoia fails to understand that David works multiple jobs to keep her happy. Yet her constant disapproval and lack of understanding leadsto their breakup.


What Transpires When David And Margarita Cross Paths And Meet?

The stage is set for an amusing encounter when Margarita’s sisters, Patri and Candela, take her out for a laid-back evening to distract her from the unwanted attention caused by her runaway bride headlines and to provide a much-needed break from her isolation. Little do they know that this outing will lead to a delightful twist of fate. At the venue, Margarita and her sisters’ attention are immediately drawn to the charismatic bartender, David. As the night progresses, they find themselves engaged in playful banter, exchanging lighthearted jokes that ease the tension both of them have been feeling lately. When Patri accidentally leaves her phone behind, David waits for her call and decides to have some fun. The next morning, he seizes the opportunity and calls both Patri and Idoia to the same place, pretending it was a mistake. While he initially expected Patri to be the one visiting him, fate had a different plan in store.

To David’s pleasant surprise, Margarita shows up at his doorstep instead. Their unexpected meeting sparks an immediate connection, and they find themselves engrossed in conversation, forgetting the worries that have been troubling them. However, their lighthearted moment takes an interesting turn when David’s ex-girlfriend, Idoia, arrives on the scene. Thinking quickly, David decides to use the situation to his advantage and pretends that he and Margarita are now dating, even planning an extravagant vacation to Greece together. As expected, Idoia is not impressed by this show and reveals her jealousy, much to David’s amusement. In this comical turn of events, Margarita finds herself swept up in a hilarious charade, playing along with David to keep up appearances.


How Do Margarita And David Help Each Other?

As the series, A Perfect Story proceeds, Margarita’s coworker suggests selecting a random place with her eyes closed, leading her to choose Greece. Seeing this as a sign, she decides to take a chance and befriend David. Despite both of them being in love with Filippo and Idoia respectively, Margarita and David form an unexpected bond and make a pact to help each other win back their significant others. As they embark on their mission to rekindle their past romances, they unintentionally end up helping each other embrace their true selves. Margarita learns to let go of her need to be perfect and allows herself to have fun and enjoy life, especially in David’s company. David, on the other hand, discovers that he doesn’t need to go to great lengths to impress Margarita; she values him for who he genuinely is.

When Margarita meets Iván and Domi, they immediately sense the genuine love and understanding between Margarita and David. However, neither of them realizes the depth of their feelings for each other at this point. While Margarita is torn between the possibility of reconciliation with Filippo and her upcoming solo trip to Greece, David feels a tinge of sadness, knowing that she might leave soon. He’s also aware that Filippo is willing to make amends, complicating their situation. But Margarita recognizes David’s importance in her life and decides to take a bold step by inviting him to join her on the trip to Greece.

As their friendship blossoms, David and Margarita find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other, falling in love a little more every day. David notices Margarita’s perfectionist tendencies and gently guides her to embrace the beauty of imperfection. But as they share stories about their significant partners, David helps Margarita recognize the toxic behavior in her relationship with Filippo, while Margarita points out Idoia’s egoistic tendencies that have been affecting their bond. These honest discussions bring them closer, making them realize how much they appreciate even the aspects they once ignored about each other.

The realization of their feelings for one another leads David and Margarita to focus solely on each other, leaving Filippo and Idoia in the background. However, a moment of doubt strikes when Margarita overhears David telling Idoia that he doesn’t love her. Hurt and confused, she starts responding to Filippo’s texts, questioning her own decisions. In this delicate phase, there is no doubt that both of them are grappling with feelings of betrayal towards their partners and uncertainty about their choices. Nevertheless, their connection remains strong, and they continue to enjoy each other’s company even after returning from Greece.


Do Margarita And David Come To Realize That They Are Made For Each Other?

In the final episode of A Perfect Story, Margarita meets David’s old friends, and during their time at the festival, Margarita is initially hesitant about the outing, but her reservations vanish as she starts to enjoy herself in the lively atmosphere. They have a blast together, sharing laughter and creating cherished memories. However, everything takes an unexpected turn when David discovers Margarita’s prestigious family background as an Ortega. This revelation alters the dynamics between them, and Margarita tries to explain that she never revealed her family history because she didn’t want it to become a burden or source of discomfort for him. Despite David’s assurances that he’s not bothered, Margarita senses his underlying unease, and it leaves her feeling unsettled.

Determined to confront the situation head-on, Margarita decides to take a brave step and directly asks David if he truly loves her. Unfortunately, at that moment, David is consumed by thoughts of her privileged lifestyle and his own lack of career prospects and future plans. He worries that he can’t offer her the kind of grand life she’s accustomed to. Hurt by David’s response and feeling the weight of her family name affecting their relationship, Margarita makes a difficult choice. In order to protect herself from further heartache, she decides to end their secret relationship. Despite her genuine feelings for him, David’s self-doubt prevents him from taking action. He hesitates, looking down upon himself, and is unable to stop Margarita from leaving.


The narrative then takes a captivating turn, projecting into the future to show us what life might have been like if they hadn’t ended up together. However, the series delves into their combined thoughts, revealing that even in their separate lives, both Margarita and David still harbor feelings for each other. But David doesn’t let her go, and they decide to continue their relationship to prevent their separation. As A Perfect Story reaches its heartwarming conclusion, David finally realizes the toxicity of his past relationship with Idoia and firmly rejects her advances. He comes to understand that he had been holding onto something unhealthy, which had been preventing him from embracing a true and meaningful connection.

Throughout their journey, David and Margarita’s bond grows stronger, and they find solace in each other’s company. Their relationship, once nameless and hidden, evolves into something profound and authentic. They have discovered the right person in each other—someone who supports them in times of need, celebrates their successes, and empathizes with their challenges. In a poignant moment, the series beautifully portrays how true love doesn’t require validation from others; it simply needs two souls that genuinely connect with each other. Margarita and David have found that in each other, and their love story becomes a symbol of unconditional love.


As they stand together in David’s flower shop, the future unfolds with the promise of beauty and happiness. The once uncertain and hesitant duo now confidently faces what lies ahead, knowing that they have found their true home in each other’s hearts. The ending of A Perfect Story is a celebration of love’s transformative power and reminds us that love is not about a label or societal norms; it’s about two souls coming together and creating a beautiful future filled with joy and genuine affection. Margarita and David’s story leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that when we find the right person, everything falls into place, and life becomes an extraordinary adventure worth embracing.

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