‘A Party To Die For’ Ending, Explained: What Was Jessica’s Hidden Motive?

“A Party to Die For” is the latest thriller helmed and authored by Nanea Miyata and stars the likes of Jonetta Kaiser as Sadie Williams, Kara Royster as Jessica Davis, Jarmaine Rivers as Owen Owen, Madia Hill Scott as Biana, Shay Guthrie as Gloria, and Marko Christie as Justin. The movie follows the story of Sadie Williams, who has to relocate to New Jersey after her father is imprisoned for murdering a store clerk. In the face of adversity, Sadie takes up a sales job at her cousin’s boutique and dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle so she can afford the premium and designer dresses in the store. However, Sadie’s already messed-up fate takes a downward spiral when she befriends Jessica, a rich and spoiled girl with hidden motives. 


Spoilers Ahead

‘A Party To Die For’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

The movie kicks off, and we see two friends, Sadie and Jessica, fleeing in a car after dumping a body inside a dumpster after a Halloween party has gone wrong. The action jumps to the past, and we see Saddie, now working in a premium apparel store, who often tries on dresses, hoping to someday afford one. Sadie’s life hasn’t been good, and she had no choice but to leave North Carolina, a place she loved after her father was sent to prison. She took a job at an apparel store that paid minimum wage to make ends meet. Sadie meets Mr. Owen, a rich businessman, and the duo quickly hits it off. Mr. Owen pays for Saddie’s dress and invites her over to Formaggio for a nice dinner, and Sadie agrees. Mr. Owen owns a hospitality group and runs multiple nightclubs and restaurants in New Jersey. He is insanely rich. At the dinner, we learn that Mr. Owen is idealistic and soulful, whereas his date, Sadie, couldn’t help but be someone who believes Romeo and Juliet to be nothing but stupid lovers, thinking there’s nothing romantic about two kids thinking they’re in love and killing themselves over it. Sadie does not come from a wealthy background, values social status highly, and longs for a luxurious lifestyle. However, their blossoming romance is interrupted when Sadie notices something or someone in the bushes.


Jessica Davis And The Party Gone Wrong

At the store, Sadie makes friends with Jessica and helps her choose the perfect dress for a Halloween party. Jessica invites Sadie to join her and her friends for an outing at the Mayfair Club. Unlike Sadie, Jessica is rich and well-connected and hails from Atlantic City. Saidie strives much too hard to fit in with the powerful, going so far as to lie about her background and her parents’ professions, but her cousin doesn’t approve of her lies. She afterward steals a bottle of expensive Champagne when Jessica asks her to fetch one and even beats up a man who has been harassing Jessica for payments. As the night comes to a close, Sadie gets off at Owen’s mansion to safeguard her lies after Jessica offers to drive her.

Sadie and Jessica have found solace in one another, and the former now sees herself in a new light thanks to her new rich friend. She even chooses to attend Jessica’s Halloween party instead of going pumpkin carving with her nieces, Caleb and Cece, saying she needs to attend the party to promote the store among the city’s elite social circle. She even stole one of the premium dresses to shine at the Halloween party. Sadie is doing everything to fit in with Jessica and her rich buddies and even takes the group to Owen’s mansion for an after-party. When everyone leaves, Justin tries to force himself on Sadie, and Jessica smashes his head to a pulp after Justin calls her crazy. Meanwhile, Sadie has taken way too many shots and eventually passes out.


Penalty For Friendship

The next morning, when Sadie wakes up, Jessica tries to blame Justin’s murder on her conscience, saying she murdered Justin when he tried to have his way with her, and Sadie begs Jessica to help her get rid of the body. The duo cleans all the blood stains, wraps Justin’s lifeless body in sheets, and puts him in Jessica’s car. Sadie is shivering with fear and is still having a hard time believing that she has killed someone, whereas Jessica is calm and often smiles and cracks a joke, even asking her friend to “chill out.” She even has no issues cleaning the blood, implying she has cleaned the blood off of carpets before. The scene cuts to a garden, and we see two undercover cops sharing details of their case. One of the cops, Gloria, was also present at the club, tailing Jessica, and we learn that there is more to than meets the eye.

Sadie is having nightmares and struggling to sleep; she often buries her face in the pillow to muffle her sobs. Jessica’s behavior has changed; she even began to extort favors from Jessica and threatened to blow the whistle on Sadie. Sadie’s only comfort is her boyfriend Owen, who even had the cork from their first wine-together keychain. Owen is pretty serious about Sadie and wishes to put a ring on her finger, but Sadie has a hard time focusing after trying to keep up with Jessica’s demands. 


‘A Party To Die For’ Ending Explained – What Was Jessica’s Hidden Motive?

At the boutique, Briana questions Sadie on the whereabouts of the Mutiyago dress that was on display last week, and the latter denies knowing anything about it. Meanwhile, Gloria has found Justin’s body and wishes to bring Jessica and Sadie for interrogation but halts, fearing rushing things will spook Jessica, and decides to wait for the club’s security footage. On the other hand, Jessica has been exploiting Sadie as her own financial asset, making her cover her purchases and even asking her to pay for a hotel suite so she could hook up with some guy. She even barges into Briana’s store and severely wounds her for firing her friend, and Sadie is arrested for the crime. The cops even accuse her of killing Justin after Gloria pulled up a search warrant for Owen’s house after she recovered Justin’s photograph with Owen’s painting. Jessica bails Sadie out and takes her to Owen’s mansion, where she has Owen strapped to a chair. In reality, Owen and Jessica knew each other and were also a couple, but he dumped her and moved to New Jersey to start over. Jessica was obsessed with Owen and was jealous and infuriated after she learned that he and Sadie were dating. Jessica puts a gun to Sadie’s head, asking her to kill Owen, and Sadie complies. However, the duo is forced to run after hearing police sirens, but Jessica is arrested at the door. In reality, Sadie has cut a deal to bring Jessica Davis down and to save herself, and she has even hinted that Owen will play dead after she stabs him in the shoulder. In the end, Sadie was acquitted of all charges and made things right with her cousin Briana, even earning her old job back.

Jessica was a master manipulator, and for her, Sadie was just another target to con and exploit. She even wrecked the hotel room, and Jessica had no choice but to compensate with Briana’s company card if she were to stay out of jail and was fired as a result. Briana has been warning her sister to steer clear of Jessica, even labeling her “bad news,” but Sadie, blinded by the extravagant lifestyle, ignored her advice. Left with no choice, Briana is forced to kick Sadie out of the store, saying she’s just like her criminal father, full of lies and completely deprived of any moral compass.


“A Party To Die For” is a 2022 mystery thriller film directed by Nanea Miyata.

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