‘A Part Of You’ 2024 Cast And Character Guide

A Part of You is a small Swedish Netflix original that covers the lives of several teenagers and a few adults who are dealing with something really heavy. A Part of You discusses the aftermath of the death of a loved one and the grief that overwhelms the people who lost them unexpectedly and tragically. There are several characters in the film, apart from the titular characters, who are deeply affected by this change in life. Friends and family play a huge role, and these characters are one of the many that try to give the woman a sense of direction.


Spoilers Ahead


Felicia Maxime as Agnes Svan, is a young woman who is a typical introverted teenager who does not find interest in becoming popular like her sister. She, however, notices the kind of life her older sibling Julia loves and is fascinated by how many people know her despite not knowing Agnes. Tragedy walks into her life unexpectedly and changes her life forever. Agnes and Julia are close as sisters, but losing someone who is a big part of her life brings some changes to her life. Agnes is a young woman who has nobody to help her recover from the tragedy. Instead of taking time and processing the pain, she immerses herself in schoolwork, and one of her coping strategies is getting into acting for her school play. 


Agnes is attracted to someone she isn’t supposed to be, but the man inadvertently becomes a part of her life, and they begin to spend time with each other. Sadly, Agnes’ idea of moving on and feeling the presence of the person she lost involves styling herself the way that person did. It is disturbing for everyone around, and Agnes does not realize how not dealing with the pain of losing a loved one could have a dire effect on her, her friends, and her family. Agnes is unable to talk about the grief, and that makes her life even more difficult after the tragedy.


Edvin Ryding, as Noel, is Julia’s boyfriend, who happens to be very close to her family as well and is also the quieter one. Julia is a popular girl, and she has many friends who love her. Noel is one of the people who was with Agnes when the tragedy struck, and unlike her, he shut down. Noel is unable to deal with the tragedy, and his only way to process the pain is by wanting to talk to Agnes about it. 


Agnes was also with him at the site of the accident, but unlike her, Noel refused to suppress the pain. He would rather speak to Agnes about it than anyone else, but he is the only person she has been avoiding the whole time. Noel soon begins to find a way to get into her life, only to feel attracted to her and not realize it could be because of the trauma. Noel and Agnes share a trauma bond, which eventually begins to affect their relationship. 


Ida Engvoll, as Carina, is the mother figure who has faced an immense loss right from the start of the film. She is a typical mother who is concerned about the welfare of both her daughters, Agnes and Julia. Even though Julia plans to spend the eve of her sister’s birthday at home, Carina wants her older child to be at home and be concerned about Agnes’ feelings. Carina is the type of parent who is not concerned about how popular Julia is in the school because, for her, both her daughters are equal. Just like Agnes and Noel, her pain is the hardest to fathom because the tragedy she faces should not be endured by any parent. She tries to understand how Agnes is processing things, but as a mother, she chooses to stay away from her home just to be able to get away from the memories of Julia. This is the first time since the tragedy that one could notice the cracks appearing in the relationship the mother and the daughter share. However, Carina is back in no time, only to realize that the situation at home has gone out of hand and she will have to do some damage control so that Agnes does not spiral. Carina misses Julia, and this emotion is found out by Agnes, whose breakdown is painful to watch, yet Carina finds her way to pacify her only daughter. 



Zara Larsson, as Julia Svan, is the older daughter of Carina. She has a younger sister, Agnes, who has a personality the opposite of hers. Julia is the most popular girl in the school and is surrounded by friends who love her. Her boyfriend Noel loves her too, and there seems to be no glitch in her life so far until Julia becomes a part of the tragedy. Before the accident, Julia was seen crying and drunk while trying to drive a car. It is through Agnes that one gets to see Julia once again, as she tries to imitate her older sister for her friends. Agnes wants to feel the presence of her sister. Agnes eventually learns her sister has dealt with depression, and there is a possibility the accident she was in was self-induced. Her popularity is only a façade, as internally, Julia is in a lot of pain, something only her mother is aware of. Julia’s life is the example of many young girls who, at the cost of their image, refuse to deal with deteriorating mental health. 


Alva Bratt, as Esther, is one of Julia’s closest friends, apart from Fanna, Lydia, and Sam. Of all the young men and women mentioned here, It is Esther who is as deeply affected by the tragedy as Agnes, Noel, and Carina are. However, Esther is the one who is deeply shocked to watch Agnes trying to imitate her sister and wanting to know about Julia’s personality. Initially, Esther is not very bothered by Agnes’ change of behavior, but as the days go by, Agnes begins to copy Julia’s every move, which leads to a falling out between the two. Just like Agnes, she feels the loss too, but she needs to be helped to move on instead of always being reminded by Agnes of who Julia was. Agnes probably thought dressing up like Julia would help her friends, but it only alienated her from Julia’s gang and her friends. Esther is honest about Agnes looking for a way to escape instead of facing the reality of the matter head-on, and they soon begin to see each other as friends after a minor falling out. 


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