‘A Nurse To Die For’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Liam And Corinne?

If there is one thing that A Nurse to Die For is, then that would be interesting. That’s actually the case with most Lifetime movies; as these are never boring. The plots are often ludicrous, the acting is amateurish, and sometimes a lot of things just don’t make any sense, and you’ve got to roll with it. That’s exactly the case in this movie. But in its defense, it’s not that A Nurse to Die For is trying to win an Oscar or something. The whole point of this movie is to entertain you, and it actually succeeds. Of course, it only works if you’ve got a penchant for “so bad that it’s funny” kinds of movies. There’s not much to explain about the ending, as it is quite straightforward, but just in case you fell asleep while watching or something like that, here’s an explanation that might come in handy.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What happens in the movie?

I love how Lifetime always names their movies in a very literal manner, but with an intriguing twist. You can sense what it’s about from the title, but you can’t quite pinpoint it. Of course, most of the time, when you start watching the movie, you see right through it within the first ten minutes or so. A Nurse to Die For clearly falls into that category, as you do realize the nurse in the movie is (most likely) bad news. The whole thing stands on the secret that both the nurse and the narrative of this movie keep away from you before laying it out. I’m sure by the time it gets there, many of you have already figured it out.


Who Is Corinne, And What Happens To Her?

Life couldn’t be more cruel for little Corinne. As if losing her mother, Amy, in a freak car accident was not enough, the eleven-year-old now has to deal with a respiratory condition for which she needs to stay home for a considerable amount of time. Corinne’s father, Liam, has turned into a workaholic to deal with his grief, and he’s in the middle of a work issue. Seeing Liam at a loss, Miriam suggests that he hire a nurse to take care of Corinne. Liam is skeptical about letting a stranger into his house, but that’s all the sense the character gets to show before gleefully hiring Victoria. He does interview some other candidates from the nursing agency, though, but the whole purpose of these people was to not impress Liam by adhering to common movie tropes.

Who Is Victoria, And What Does She Want?

Victoria is clearly not who she says she is. Even before you see the face, you do see someone stalking Liam and his family from afar, which is always a suspicious thing. It doesn’t take long for Victoria to charm Liam and Corinne and slowly step into Amy’s shoes. You do see a seduction plot coming your way, and the movie doesn’t disappoint you there. There’s one hitch for Victoria, though, which is Amy and Liam’s friend Beverly, who’s also his colleague. The movie never tries to play smart with us (and also Victoria) by not making the relationship between Beverly and Liam clear, but as soon as Liam randomly asks Victoria out to dinner, Beverly is established as a concerned friend.


The said dinner was going really well and had all the chances in the world of Liam and Victoria cozying up in the same bed, but Miriam’s sudden arrival spoils all the fun. It’s strange that we don’t get a conversation between Miriam and Liam, probably because the movie was too lazy to write a scene. However, we do find out who Victoria really is, thanks to her quite emotional outburst inside her room. Remember the accident in which Amy died? Well, in the same accident, Victoria lost her husband and daughter. And her real name happens to be Catherine. So what exactly is she doing? It’s clear as day that the woman has lost it, and all she’s trying to do is replace her husband and daughter with Liam and Corinne. But since it’s not a Spanish movie starring Javier Gutierrez, we know it’s not going to happen, and Victoria, aka Catherine, is going to go down by the end.

What Happens To Liam And Corinne?

Imagine this being a romantic comedy, and Victoria would have been able to find a heartwarming ending with Liam and Corinne. But since it’s a Lifetime thriller, the woman has to be a maniac who would even make a sick child purposefully sicker in order to pull things off. The tea that Victoria repeatedly serves to Corinne is a nice touch, though, and it actually looks very appealing, so much so that I wouldn’t mind a cup of it, of course, without whatever Victoria mixes in it. Anyway, Beverly is probably the smartest person in the movie who eventually figures out that the tea has something it clearly shouldn’t have. Most importantly, a child with Corinne’s condition should definitely not consume it.


Beverly immediately tries to bring the matter to Liam’s attention, but for the sake of a dramatic climax, the movie doesn’t allow it, and she has to be drugged by Victoria. The same fate was lurking for Miriam as well, and Victoria didn’t hesitate to do that to Amy’s mom. Liam, meanwhile, has finally managed to figure it out after consulting the agency. Dr. Caldwell, who’s treating Corinne, also mentions that she is not familiar with Victoria, and she actually happens to know most of the nurses from the agency. Of course, we’re not going to dwell over why Liam would not go over the background check other than calling an (obviously made-up) reference from Victoria’s CV, right?

Because then we wouldn’t have this movie in the first place. So Liam had to do all the stupid things to reach the climax, where Victoria seductively calls him to come home and knocks him out. And then he has to endure some more crazy antics from the woman, who seemed like a whole different person only a few days ago. Luckily, Miriam manages to untie her hands and take care of the situation. Victoria gets stabbed, which is not at all surprising as that was going to be her fate from the get-go. In true Lifetime style, we get a minute of a happy and wholesome epilogue where Dr. Caldwell announces that Corinne is going to get better eventually. It all ends well for the movie, which we’re all going to forget by the weekend.

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