‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 6 Recap & Spoilers: Why Did The ‘Silver Doe’ Killer Commit Suicide?

The sixth episode of the FX miniseries A Murder at the End of the World was a little shorter in its runtime as compared to the rest, but it didn’t exactly feel as if it rushed by. It took its sweet time to unfold the story, and the tediousness of the plot really began to show in the latest episode. The show’s foundation is our interest in finding Bill’s killer, who then went on a spree, perhaps resulting in the deaths of Rohan and Sian, but when the tower becomes so high, one risks forgetting about the foundation. In the previous episode, Darby confronted Andy, the tech wizard, and accused him of killing Bill, but he managed to give a lengthy explanation, which made Darby question herself. The same ‘I don’t trust you’ line was now received by Lee in this episode, and she told Darby about what she had been through. Trust still remained the rarest element in Darby’s life, and ultimately she had to look way back in her past to find it.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Darby Survive?

The previous episode had ended while Darby was still stuck in the pool, and it seemed somebody else would have to play the sleuth from hereon. But Lee showed up with David at the very last moment, and Darby was rescued from getting drowned. Darby herself was perplexed to see David helping Lee, but the primary question floating in his mind was who was the one who called her to the pool. It was Lee; she told it to Darby herself when she came back to her senses. The pool was one of the surveillance-free zones where she could tell Darby about her side of things. She had seen Darby snooping around in her bag, and she knew that she must have seen the fake wig and the passport. Darby didn’t trust Lee, and everything she had done in the last few days warranted an honest explanation.


What Did Lee Reveal About Andy?

Lee, sensing Darby getting impatient being around her, had to make her feel like she could trust her. The clarification regarding the wig and the fake passport was tied to what Andy had done to her over the years. In Lee’s confession, she was no more than a prisoner at Andy’s ‘hotel,’ which was more of a bunker. She had once tried to escape, taking Zoomer away, but Andy had tracked her down, all the way up to Canada. There was simply no way of escaping, but with Bill and Rohan around, it didn’t seem impossible either. Lee continued to reveal that Andy was obsessed with Zoomer, so much so that he had become a tyrant, filled with almost a murderous rage against Lee herself if she faltered even a little bit in raising Zoomer. Under such conditions, she had thought it was best to escape to Canada and live at a friend’s place, but that plan was thwarted by Andy. The wig and the passport were for the day when she would escape. When Lee had figured out that Bill had accepted Andy’s invitation, she reached out to him, and he had put her name on Rohan’s boat. David was in on it as well, which is why he, Bill, and Rohan were supposed to meet in Bill’s room the day he died. Andy still had the greatest of motives to have him murdered, but Lee just couldn’t see how Andy would commit the mistake of killing someone on the resort after having invited them himself.

Why Did Oliver Join The Duo?

David had gone off to stall Andy while he was taking his ‘life support treatment’ for the mysterious illness, but Lee and Darby suspected someone of coming near the pool. It was Oliver. Darby and Lee relaxed seeing him, as he had come in to meet them at David’s request. He didn’t use his wheelchair this time, as he had mentioned he could walk, but not for long stretches. Darby expressed her wish to visit Bill’s room, as she figured she was trying to catch the killer when she should’ve tried to study the victim before going further. Indeed, Bill had been her blind spot, as Andy had pointed it out to her previously. Darby hadn’t given up on the case yet, and she hoped to find something in Bill’s room that she might have overlooked. Through the door cam footage, she noticed that Bill had opened the door for somebody, but this ‘somebody’ was invisible. They couldn’t literally be invisible, but it looked like they had erased themselves from the frames of the footage without deleting that segment of the footage, lest it arouse suspicion.


Why Did The ‘silver Doe’ Killer Commit Suicide?

The trio were sitting ducks in Bill’s room, and Darby started to intuitively follow Bill’s final steps in the room. She realized that he had reached for her book ‘The Silver Doe’ in his final moments. There were blood stains all over to prove it. Why would a dying man try to read a book unless there was something important in it that he wanted Darby to know? The last chapter of the book, which Darby never read, was the most bloody, and she began reading it for Oliver and Lee. This revealed to us the answer we had been looking for. Bill had left Darby six years ago because their search for the Silver Doe killer had come to an end. The killer was a policeman named Frank Bell, and when he saw Bill and Darby in his basement, standing over the remains of Patricia Bell, his wife and first victim, he decided it was time to cross over to the other side. Bill spoke like a coder, telling Darby about how Frank was a result of ‘faulty programming’ and labeling him as the ‘most boring code cycling over and over’. Darby then had the notion that there was some deeper meaning to their quest, but there wasn’t, according to Bill. This segment caught Oliver’s attention, and before they could discuss it any further, Andy showed it to David, who was beaten up pretty badly by Todd. It seems like Andy must have figured out David was trying to stall him, and when he couldn’t find Lee, David had to bear the brunt of his anger. Before Andy had shown up, the trio had discussed potential killers, and Lu Mei, whose smart city project had been heavily criticized by Bill, was on the list. There was Andy’s doctor, Eva as well, who had access to the morphine on which Bill had overdosed. But before getting to the bottom of things, Darby had to deal with Andy first.

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