‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: How Did Rohan Die?

In the stunning fourth episode of the series A Murder at the End of the World, Darby Hart, the amateur sleuth, goes through a series of events that ultimately lead her to discover something truly shocking. Rohan was dead, and the rest of the guests were seriously in danger. Andy put everybody in a safe space, but who was to say they were truly safe? The stormy weather meant that the police were going to take at least 72 hours to arrive, and the guests couldn’t leave on their planes. They were stuck, and so was Darby. Rohan’s death was definitely connected with Bill’s murder, and Darby found a partner in Sian in this episode. The episode hinged on a big reveal at the end that left us with a lot of questions, but even prior to the ending, the storytelling managed to build a terrific suspense that never let the viewers get too comfortable.


Spoilers Ahead

What Had Happened To Rohan?

The remaining guests were in a bunker, and the tension was getting to everybody. They had seen Rohan breathe his last, and nobody knew what had happened. Marius, the caretaker of the resort, was seen near Rohan’s room at the time of his death by Darby. Marius wanted to let Rohan know that Heartfront wanted to contact him. Heartfront was a pacemaker manufacturing company, and as Rohan had had surgery done and used the pacemaker, they wanted to warn him that his pacemaker was hacked. An incision was made in his chest, and somebody had put a chip in it to send damaging signals to the pacemaker. So, while it looked like Rohan died from a cardiac arrest, the reality was that he was murdered through induced heart failure. Rohan, just moments before his murder, had called Darby to tell him that Bill had uncovered a piece of information that he desperately wanted to share with her. But neither Bill nor Rohan now remained to tell what hidden information Bill had unearthed. Darby found out about the hack and the chip only after she got to see Rohan’s body. That would perhaps have been more difficult if she wasn’t helped by Sian, who apologized to Darby for not believing that Bill was the victim of foul play. 


Why Did Sian And Darby Go Out In The Storm?

Darby believed that, as Sian wasn’t a hacker, she couldn’t be the killer, and she was indeed helping her find clues as to who could be the killer. Almost everybody was a suspect, but Lu Mei’s name was at the top of the list. Bill had been against her concept of ‘artificial intelligence cities’ and perhaps she killed Bill and then Rohan because they had uncovered something. Darby had begun to trust Sian, which is why perhaps she told her she had followed Rohan out in the cold, where he had signaled to somebody the message, ‘One down..still a go’. Sian figured it was a message suggesting that Rohan and whomever he was signaling to had a plan, and Rohan was adamant to move forward even if Bill had gone ‘down’. Sian and Darby took the suits designed by Andy for extreme weather and went out into the open to find out who Rohan could have been signaling to. They found nothing but a ‘zodiac,’ an inflatable boat. The storm was becoming life-threatening, and they needed to return, but something happened on the way back.

How Did Sian And Darby Survive?

On their way back, Sian and Darby found themselves in a spot of trouble when their snowmobile stopped functioning. Now they had to walk back on foot, but they found a car near a guard shack. Surprisingly, it was Sian, the non-hacker, who typed a code into the car’s vehicle command. Darby noticed this little detail, and they started to drive back to the resort. The place had become like the last resting place for the guests, especially Andy. There was every kind of arrangement made in the resort to make it act as a safe space in case of a mass extinction event. Sian told Darby that Andy was miles ahead of everybody, and he was expecting the climate-related catastrophes to affect the planet much before the expected time period.


Sian, while talking about why Andy didn’t visit the bunker where the guests had been temporarily locked up, told Darby about how he was humiliated by the deaths. He had not kept his promise of keeping everybody safe, and he wasn’t able to face that fact. Sian, maybe because she was nervous or wanted to get to the resort faster, was driving the car rather recklessly on the black ice. The car skidded off the road, and the duo met with an accident. Darby sustained some injuries to her head and had to be dragged by Sian, who seemed to have gotten out of the car unscathed, towards the resort. While Darby was looked after by the doctors, it was Sian who was soon going to die a painful death if nobody could get the helmet off of her. The suit’s helmet was designed to not let any oxygen inside it, so as to prevent the inhalation of poisonous gases. The internal oxygen supply was almost on the verge of getting exhausted, and the helmet had gone into lock mode. Andy tried getting it off, drilling holes into the helmet, and even tried breaking the glass with a hammer, but nothing worked. Sian was saved only when Andy made an incision in her neck for a tracheotomy. Luckily, Sian survived.

What Did Darby Discover?

After the near-death experience, Darby perhaps went into a trance and thought about the time she and Bill had gotten intimate together six years ago, when they were on the verge of discovering the ‘Silver Doe’ killer. They had helped a woman discover a victim and, in turn, got another clue that was going to lead them to the killer’s address. It was a great summer that Darby had shared with Bill, and she remembered his quirky habits and idiosyncrasies. Bill often surprised people with his incessant sneezing habits, which was a real genetic affliction he was suffering from, but he turned it into a gag to make people grow fonder of him. When Darby woke up in the resort, she asked about Sian, and she was glad to find that she had survived. Zoomer, Andy’s son, was around her, as she was the one who had shown an interest in playing with him. As soon as Darby pulled back the curtains and let the sunlight shine through the room, Zoomer started to sneeze incessantly, and this was exactly the genetic affliction Bill suffered from. Could this be the secret that Bill wanted to share with Rohan? Could Zoomer be Bill and Lee’s child instead of Andy’s? It was definitely possible, as Bill had had relations with Lee, and the time period fit perfectly considering Zoomer’s age. It was all possible now, and perhaps Andy was indeed the killer, or was this the last puzzle Darby had to solve to get to the murderer? The next episodes are surely set to reveal the truth.


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