‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Marta Sign Off From Homie?

While the series “A Girl and an Astronaut” was a little slow and senseless at times, the love triangle had us hoping for something interesting in the last episode. Unfortunately, we were fools for hoping something unique would come out of this. A lot of science did not ‘science,’ so there are many gaps in the plot. There are questions left unanswered, possibly for another season, but if we were to be honest, we would skip that one. But let’s break down the last episode and try to make sense of the whole series.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6 Of ‘A Girl And An Astronaut’?

Marta tells Niko that SkyCOMM made her believe there had been an explosion in 2022, and that is why he was dead. Niko wants to be with her, but she needs some time to understand all this (considering she has a husband and a daughter?). Thirty years ago, the first half of the mission—figuring out stealth mode—was cleared. After that, Niko was prepared to go into sub-hibernation for 24 hours. Bogdan and Marta eagerly await his return and share a slow dance to calm their nerves. Marta apologizes to Bogdan and tells him that she has chosen Niko.


Nadia looks in her grandfather’s house for the other half of his notes. After a huge struggle, she finds a thumb drive. Unfortunately, none of the technology she can get her hands on will work, and she is frustrated. JJ tells her it will all be okay and gives her a kiss on the cheek, indicating his love for her. But in fact, he’s a rat because, immediately after, he goes and gives the pen drive to the federal agent. JJ asks the federal agent to promise that he will make sure that Niko is alive so they can help Nadia (why is he so confused?). Sergey knows everything that has gone down, as he was watching through a drone. Niko meets Karolina. At first, she’s delighted to see him, but then when he says he wants to return to base, she’s very cryptic about everything. Telling him that nothing is as it was. 

In 2022, the stealth procedure came to an end, and Niko is visible again to mission control. Finally, it is time to go into hibernation. Before that, Niko keeps a promise he had made to little Nadia and shows her the earth from outer space (okay! We get that he always keeps his promises and is a very kind-hearted person). Young Sergey throws everyone without authorization out of the room. Bogdan doesn’t oblige, though, and remains there. Niko prepares to go into sub-hibernation. Everything is going according to plan until suddenly, during the countdown, he starts to feel like there is water inside his mask. Niko is having severe hallucinations and starts to flail his hands. Instead of stopping the procedure, he accidentally changes the timer from 24 hours to 30 years. Additionally, he also turns on the stealth procedure. Bogdan has a show of testosterone in front of Sergey, telling him that he needs to bring Niko back.


In 2052, Marta goes back home, irritated. She tells Bogdan she went to the hospital to get him, but he wasn’t there. He could’ve told her he was coming back. Bogdan is too furious about Niko’s return and behaves passively toward Marta. Karolina asks an old and ugly Wiktor to save her brother. Bogdan meets Niko, and they hug it out as if they’ve truly missed each other for years. There’s also a flashback where Bogdan tells Marta that Niko is dead from an explosion. In the present day, Niko tells Bogdan that Marta stole from him, and they get into a physical altercation. At the end of it, there’s a drone, and Bogdan hides Niko, showing us that he strangely still cares for his friend. Marta meets Niko, and they ride his old bike (I cannot understand how it still functions, but let’s roll with it). They head to an “off-grid motel,” and Marta also turns off her devices. They’re sleeping in separate rooms, but they’re both wide awake. Niko checks his bruises while Marta dwells on how her old age has altered her appearance. Niko then walks into her room and tells her she’s still beautiful, and they make love to each other.

On the other hand, Bogdan is about to have dinner with Olivia when JJ interrupts them. Another man with him puts Bogdan in a chokehold while JJ asks the questions. Olivia tells JJ she’ll tell him everything if he lets her father go. They tell them where they could possibly find Marta and Niko. The federal agent tells Sergey that they found the old notes of Davidov. The thumb drive had a video note from Davidov to Nadia. In it, he tells her that he will not be able to cure her. Everything about the experiment indicates that the whole thing was a waste. Sergey is unbothered by this, though, because Niko is still the only man who has returned from space 30 years into the future looking the same. The federal agent tells Sergey that Niko knows all the secrets and can share them with anybody in the world (although we think Niko has no such plan in mind, plus he only knows how to enter the procedure, not the actual details of it). Sergey doesn’t want Niko to be killed, but Boris (the federal agent) tells him there’s no way he would continue helping Sergey if Niko lived. (Now, why have they been villainizing Sergey this whole time only to suddenly start making him look good? Make it make sense). While Boris plans how to kill Niko, Sergey visits Nadia.


Marta and Niko spend more time together and publicly. Unfortunately, some people insult Marta at a bar, and Niko can’t help but fight them. Marta starts to understand how different she and Niko are after these few hours with him. In the morning, Niko’s wound hurts, and Marta suggests they need to get some ice on it. They’re at the beach, and Niko excitedly runs into the water. The scene shifts and they’re woken up by JJ. He tells Niko to handcuff Marta and come with him.

‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Why Did Marta Sign Off From Homie?

JJ drags Niko when Nadia (conveniently) lands up in front of them. She regrets trusting JJ, who now holds a gun against Niko. When JJ is distracted by Nadia, Niko tries to steal the gun, but JJ is too quick for him. Still, Niko manages to throw it far to where Nadia is. Nadia tries to pick up the gun before JJ reaches her, but she can’t do it. Before JJ can grab the gun, she clicks on something on the device in her hand, and a weapon comes out, instantly killing JJ. It looks like Nadia will be imprisoned by Polish authorities or at least taken into custody for a bit. Bogdan arrives (this all happened through Wiktor’s connections is our guess) and helps Niko up. They head back to the camping trailer where Marta is supposed to be, but she’s missing. Marta walks on a pier somewhere alone. In a monologue, she talks about how Niko has remained the same, but she has changed so much over the years. Bogdan had asked her to choose between the two of them, but Marta’s choice was different. In the end, she chooses her own freedom instead of the two men. Marta’s younger self had talked about how “beginnings are the best.” She turns to the camera, both the younger version and the older version, breaking the fourth wall, and says she chooses herself. She ends her monologue with the words “signing off, Homie,” indicating that she will be off the grid now, starting a new life without all the technology. She will go back to her old self and be “free.”

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