‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Marta Be Able To Help Niko? 

The Sci-Fi genre is so massive on its own; we have time travel movies, dystopic movies, space movies, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, which itself has a bunch of different genre mixers. It’s easy breezy to sit back and relax watching someone’s unique ideas about the future unfold, even if they’re in a language you don’t understand, adding to the fact that you can’t use science to save your life. The fun thing about “A Girl And An Astronaut” is that in between all the science, we have breaths of romance and friendship. In Episode 2, we started to understand a little bit more about each of our main characters—the who’s who, the mysteries, and the facts. Nadia is becoming a more important character in 2052, so let’s see what she brings to the table in “A Girl and an Astronaut,” Episode 3.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3 Of ‘A Girl And An Astronaut’?

At the end of episode 2, we see Marta get angry with Bogdan for hiding things from her. The next episode begins with her driving away from home, only to be stopped by Bogdan. He, of course, still has deep feelings for her after all these years of marriage. Bogdan tries to convince Marta that he, too, saw the capsule disappear from the radar and that there was no way Niko could’ve survived the explosion. Marta says she’s mad because they both lied to her. Marta reaches out to Karolina, and it looks like their friendship is now a thing of the past. Karolina wonders why Marta cares after all these years since she’s moved on already.


As we predicted, Karolina is still with the colonel. Marta tries to tell her that it’s okay to leave him now and that Karolina doesn’t owe him anything. Karolina pretends to be aloof about it all but cries behind the closed door. Back in the day, Wiktor (the colonel whose name we finally know) had made a deal with Karolina that he would call her only when he wanted to see her. Karolina professes her love for him yet again, but he tells her she can stop this “relationship” at any time. Marta sees the bruises on Karolina and wants to help, but Karolina basically tells her to mind her own business. Marta thinks it’s Bogdan who is hurting Karolina. After confronting him, he tells her Karolina is like a little sister to him. Marta believes him, and they play some games at the amusement park, spending the whole day together. Niko and Bogdan get shortlisted for the SkyCOMM project. Niko and Marta spend more time together.

In 2052, Bogdan has a weak heart and has some difficulty during work. At the same time, Nadia is unable to break through with Niko as he has closed his eyes again. They’re also being spied upon by drones (probably by the government man who wanted intel in the previous episode). Nadia sends out her own tiny spy. Marta has a chat with her daughter, Olivia. Olivia asks Marta if she loves Niko, and Marta says yes. Olivia reminds Marta that Bogdan loves her more than anything in this world, and if she leaves him, he will be devastated (intrusive much). Bogdan’s doctor believes it’s time for his retirement, but Bogdan refuses to consider it. Both Marta and Bogdan have a hatred for “the system,” which basically tells them when they need to retire, where they need to work, etc. It’s all very dystopian.


Back in the day, Marta felt comfortable enough to tell Bogdan about her father. They bond over their love-hate feelings toward their respective fathers. Bogdan then reveals that he might get to go to space. He then says that he may turn down the opportunity, though, because some things are more important to him (oh! So impressive). During testing, Bogdan does some incredible maneuvers, and the colonel is told about what an excellent pilot his son is. Niko isn’t very happy with the outcome of the test and scorns Bogdan for his actions. He asks him if he would really let go of a 15-year friendship just for a girl. Pudovkin, the man that Nadia was following with her mini drone, has found the camera and destroyed it. Nadia knows that they’re scanning everything about Niko, and she thinks he’s the man behind it all. Pudovkin has all the intel already, so what are the secrets he’s hiding from Nadia? Not everything is ruined though, as JJ gives Nadia what she wants. Marta’s address. 

In a flashback, Marta gets a job at the club as the new DJ, and in the present day, she plays her favorite track to a simulation of people at home. Bogdan sees her, and they rekindle their romance for a minute until they’re interrupted by someone at the door. JJ is here to pick up Marta.


‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Does Marta’s Presence Have An Effect On Niko?

Marta tells Nadia that Niko needs to be back in Poland and in the hospital. Nadia reminds her that he has signed a contract, but Marta argues that that was 30 years ago. Nadia is obviously very excited to see if her experiment will work, but she conceals this excitement in front of Marta, telling her that she’ll get to see Niko the next day. Marta is put in a cell-like space with a bed and some other furniture. She takes pictures and sends them home to Bogdan. She asks Homie to make a call to him until she’s interrupted by JJ, who takes her out. She’s put in hazmat-suit-looking attire and taken to a confidential space. Realizing Niko is there, she starts to panic and tries to get to him. She’s sent inside, and the first words she tells him (or rather, his body) are, “you kept your promise.”

Niko had promised Marta back in the day that if he got the SkyCOMM mission, he would come back to her. She tells him she’s here for him. He starts to move, and she’s pulled away from his chamber. Marta can’t stop yelling, so JJ injects her with something in the neck to render her unconscious. Nadia’s great plan seems to have worked. Niko is probably going to wake up really soon, but will Russia let him go back home? What if because of Pudovkin the experiment goes wrong? We’re already halfway through, so what’s next for the trio? Is Nadia good or evil? We think she may just be very keen on figuring out her grandfather’s experiment. Probably more will be revealed in the next episode of the Netflix series.

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