‘777 Charlie’ Ending, Explained: What Was Charlie’s Parting Gift For Dharma? Is Charlie Dead?

Kiranraj K made his feature debut with the Rakshit Shetty starrer “777 Charlie.” This film answers one question straight: Can a dog change your life? Well, if you are a dog lover, you can’t help but be biased about “777 Charlie”. From the time the trailer was released, everyone knew this was going to be an emotional ride. The trailer had already established that there would be a tragedy and a friendship nonetheless. But, there is something that stands out beyond these in “777 Charlie”. A dog becomes the central character in a man’s journey to become a better person in life. Thus, the makers of Charlie stated one fact in a most heartfelt cinematic way: yes, a dog can indeed change your life.


For those who haven’t watched it yet, here is the brief of the story. Dharma (played by Rakshit Shetty) was a loner who lived in a colony where pets were not allowed. He lost his family a long time back. He worked in a factory and didn’t bother hanging out with people. Beer, cigarettes, and work were his daily routine until one day; a stray dog came into his life. In the beginning, he ignored it, but how long can you ignore a dog? So, after a period of time, he named it “Charlie,” as he was a fan of Charlie Chaplin. The neighbors were rather rigid about him bringing the dog into the locality, but Dharma, being ruthless in nature, never bothered. Soon after, Charlie was diagnosed with a type of cancer, and now it was the beginning of Dharma’s journey. Dharma was determined to give Charlie a better life for the remaining days of her existence.

This film is about the relationship between a careless man and a dog who was never cared for. Where the first half of the film concentrates on developing the relationship, the second half hits you with heartfelt moments. The depth of the friendship is seen to get deeper with each passing scene. Dharma’s determination toward the goal he sets in his mind shows the truest form of friendship between him and Charlie. For some reason, the director, in his debut, took a risk with the longer runtime, but you will have the feeling that it was okay. The casting of the film sparks, along with Rakshit Shetty’s, carrying an emotionless face in most of the first half. Raj B. Shetty also sparkles as comic relief in this film. The mythological take in this film is too subtle. ‘Dharma’ is followed by a dog. In the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira is followed by a dog on his walk to heaven. In this film, Charlie follows Dharma until her last breath.


*Spoiler Alert*

‘777 Charlie’ Ending Explained: Why Does Charlie Never Thank Dharma? Is Charlie Dead?

Let’s take a moment and remove all the critical thoughts in your mind as an audience. There are stories that totally capture your attention. “777 Charlie” is too perfect to be practical. If your dog is diagnosed with a disease that could take away its life, then would you go as far as Dharma? Maybe not. Herein lies the root of this story. The bond between these two characters will take you to the center of every struggle that comes after. The journey of Dharma is meant to be Charlie’s last few days of feeling alive, but in many ways, this journey made Dharma, a better person. Through this, Dharma finds himself. He is not ruthless but a caring person who can love with all his heart. Charlie comes along and brings humble Dharma, hidden somewhere beneath his defensive demeanor.


Charlie made a gesture to thank a neighbor kid, but she never showed that to Dharma. At the very end, when Charlie dies, she shows the gesture, and Dharma is in tears. Dharma gave up all his fortune just to show Charlie what she wanted to see. He thought, whatever time she has, she must enjoy it with everything. How far can you go in love? Well, some die, some travel across the seas and the mountains. Dharma traveled to Shimla with a goal in his mind. The struggle in this film was so prominent in nature that the audience inevitably rooted for Dharma to achieve his goal. When the time comes, when the first glimpse of snow is seen, as an audience, you will feel the goosebumps as well.

Dharma knew there was little time left. He ignored every boundary and carried Charlie to the top of the mountain. Charlie peeped from Dharma’s back and saw the white field covered with snow in front of him. She walked right into it and looked back. The first time Charlie saw Dharma, he stopped a ceremony where people were bursting a lot of crackers. Charlie was afraid of fireworks. Since Dharma dealt with all the fireworks, Charlie found a friend to follow. Dharma did that without even knowing whom he was helping. Charlie felt the urge to thank him for that night, but couldn’t. This time around, when she looked back at him, she saw Dharma looking at her with all the love he had for her. Charlie again wanted to thank him. But, why thank someone when you can share your happiest moment with them? They played in the snow, and a melancholy tone played in the background. This sequence especially interacts with the audience’s feelings. There is sadness, yet the joy remains intact. The joy of seeing them happy!


In the very next scene, Charlie waited in a temple for Dharma to find her. When Dharma finally found her, she ran towards him and fell into his arms. Dharma knew that Charlie was about to die, so he cried. He said he was sorry for not being able to save her, as he had tried everything to make her happy. He wanted to give Charlie one glimpse of snow, as she used to jump for joy seeing it on TV. While Dharma was reminiscing, Charlie finally showed the gesture. A gesture to say that she was thankful for whatever Dharma did for her. A dog expresses a lot with a minimum of gestures. Charlie couldn’t have written a heartfelt letter to show how grateful she is to Dharma. Instead, she just showed the gesture to finally thank a friend for being part of a journey of a lifetime. Dharma was a loner, and so was Charlie. They found each other and completed each other. They lived, they loved, and they made something memorable for themselves… a friendship that can’t be defined in words.

Charlie left Dharma with a puppy. A gift for taking care of her with all his heart. Charlie knew Dharma couldn’t have survived without her, so she left a sign of her. Dharma grabbed the puppy gently, and he felt the urge to live once again. The kid in Dharma was kept hidden after the death of his parents, and Charlie was the spark that brought the kid out. Charlie took care of Dharma more than Dharma took care of her. The one and a half years of togetherness made Dharma realize that there is a lot of goodness in the world, and taking care of these Charlies can make the world an even better place. ‘777 Charlie’ may not be a raw and realistic film, but it tells a story so pure that even if you are not a dog person, it will make your eyes wet… in a good way.

 “777 Charlie” is a 2022 Indian Drama film directed by Kiranraj K.

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