5 New Dramas/Movies Of November 2022 Streaming On Netflix

November is here, and we are all looking forward to the fresh content we have on the table, aren’t we? Well, Netflix is there to quench our thirst for content with some juicy and interesting series and movies. Every month, Netflix has a line-up for its subscribers to look forward to. I know, I know, other platforms like Amazon Prime and Hulu also have a lot of good content to offer, but we are today talking only about Netflix! So, Netflix’s line-up is always fun to witness, even if it means just scrolling past the titles. I have similarly jotted down while scrolling through the list of upcoming dramas/movies coming out this November on Netflix! Read on below to find out what the new releases will be about! 



“Somebody” is a Korean drama coming out on Netflix on November 18. The drama will star Kim Young Kwang, who is very famous for his roles in “Pinocchio” and “The Guardian,” with the female protagonist being played by Kang Hae Lim; if you are a fan of the Korean industry, good news for you because this drama is a suspense thriller! The teaser, however, did not appeal much to me. The concept seems to be very repetitive and something that we have already seen on Netflix. 

In the teaser, we see Kim Young Kwang and Kang Hae Lim chatting on a dating website. Again, a suspense thriller centered on a dating app is nothing new. It seems like the Korean industry stole the idea of Netflix’s “You” because I found similarities between the two in the trailer itself. In the trailer, we see how the female protagonist says she just imitates everyone and is different in a very robotic tone. I find the writing in the trailer too bland and unoriginal. Keeping that aside, further into the trailer, we see Kim Young Kwang, the heartthrob for whom many fangirls would watch the show regardless.


The plot seems to be about a psycho killer (Kim Young Kwang) and a crazy girl who accepts the psycho killer, knowing his truth. Netflix Asia is bringing a lot of content for its viewers after the success of “Squid Game,” so it is not very surprising they would have some unoriginal content. I already saw a lot of comments saying people were looking forward to the show, so maybe it will gain larger viewership. However, I am not sure how the critics would take the same theme on Netflix again and again!


Who wouldn’t want to visit the place of their dreams? Well, in “Slumberland,” we do get to witness a little girl visiting the place of her dreams. It is a fantasy film that will be out on Netflix on November 18. If you like movies like “Narnia” and “Hunger Games,” you should add “Slumberland” to your watchlist as soon as it comes out. The trailer seems very promising and stars Jason Momoa of “Aquaman.” He will be playing a character called Flip. Yes, the movie is suitable for kids, and the major audience will evidently be children. However, it is often fun to watch a fantasy movie, be it “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings,” so what is the harm of watching a fun-loving movie once in a while and forgetting the target audience?


Blood, S*x, And Royalty 

“Blood, S*x, and Royalty” is an upcoming drama that will explore the life of Anne Boleyn, the queen of England, in the 1530s. The genre of the series is historical biographical drama like “The Crown.” However, unlike “The Crown,” “Blood, S*x, and Royalty” can be a lot more controversial because the trailer itself seems bold enough to make people talk.

In the teaser, we see the second wife of King Henry VIII, Anne, who takes pride in herself and whatever she says or does. We see some people describing how she was born in the wrong era because, during that era, women were not allowed to speak so freely. It will be an interesting watch for people who are interested in historical dramas and the Royal Family in general. The makers have also hinted that the series will explore the scandals in which the Monarchs were involved! The series comes out on Netflix on November 23, so mark your calendars.



“Nafsi” is a Kenyan movie that has received a lot of love from the audience. It is always a delight to watch a good, raw international film. Coming back to “Nafsi,” the story revolves around Aisha, who is a married middle-class woman. Indie movies like this have a way of connecting to their niche audience because I felt emotional while watching the trailer itself.

However, some parts of the trailer reminded me of “The Marriage Story.” But the storyline seems to be completely different. While “The Marriage Story” was a very good Hollywood movie, it is important to also give credit to international filmmakers who put in the same amount of effort to showcase their side of the industry. In the bits and pieces of the story that I caught from the trailer, I feel like the story involves the hardships of a middle-class woman struggling to discover what she truly wants.


The Violence Action

Get ready to watch a very fun Japanese movie called “The Violence Action,” coming out on Netflix on November 18. “The Violence Action” is based on a manga of the same name. In the trailer, we see a pink-haired kawaii girl who seems to be sweet but fights like Keanu Reeves! The movie seems to be a typical Japanese manga adaptation because there is a guy who is eye candy, and the scenes also look very comic-y. The protagonist (a pink-haired girl) is played by Kanna Hashimoto, and she is a very popular Japanese actress. If you watch Japanese movies, you might have seen her popular work, “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.” Apart from the list, there are other series and movies like “Wednesday,” “Inside Job: Part 2,” “Elite: Season 6,” “First Love,” and “The Swimmers” coming out in November on Netflix as well.

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Tarushi Patali
Tarushi Patali
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