‘4 Ever’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ian, Ciro, Dario, And Andy Achieve Fame?

4 Ever is yet another story of a boy band and their beautiful journey in attaining fame, just like the shows 2gether, Base Boys, Boy Machine, To Be Continued and many others. The four young music enthusiasts, Ian, Ciro, Dario, and Andy, cross paths under certain circumstances and unite to form a band of their dreams. However, an issue arises when a member misplaces the very valuable guitar of a famous singer and gets into trouble for it. Despite a lot of differences, how the four boys stick together has been remarkably presented through the light-hearted musical drama. The miniseries, 4 Ever, directed by Nuno Gomes stars Christopher Velez, Zabdiel De Jeus, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colon, and others. The Latin-American series is a must-watch on the list of Disney+ original shows. Will the band be able to resolve their issues and propel their careers in music? Let’s see!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The Four Boys Form The Band?

Ian is a mechanic and has given up on singing ever since he lost his parents in an accident. However, at his aunt’s request, he decides to perform in a restaurant with Dario, who is going to propose to his girlfriend. Just as Dario and Ian were creating magic on the stage with their music, they were noticed by a music producer. The producer was having a conversation with Andy about launching him as a solo performer. After he notices Dario and Ian’s performance, he changes his mind and asks Andy to form a boy band with them, and only then would he give them an opportunity.


Dario, on the other hand, is heartbroken because his proposal is rejected, and just then a group of bullies arrive, who heckle him, and Ian jumps in to rescue him. Andy is also drawn into the brawl along with Ciro, who sails the yacht, and the four form an alliance to fight them. After the commotion is over, Andy jumps in at the opportunity and asks them if they are interested in forming a band. Ian and Dario, despite being reluctant at first, agree. The three boys were conducting an audition for a fourth member, who was more into freestyle. As they interact with some local musicians, they are informed that Ciro would be a good fit. They request him to join their band, but he refuses at first, only to be persuaded by Sabrina, a girl he liked who was supposedly an old friend of Andy. The musical journey of the four friends finally begins when Ciro agrees to chip in as the fourth member.

The four boys practice day in and day out and take help from Sabrina to reach out to a wider set of audiences through her large number of followers on social media. Andy reaches the producer with his newly formed band, only to be rejected by him. Dario proposes the idea of participating in a reality TV show. The show ‘Team Up’ is what gives the band recognition and helps them gain fame. They gained a lot of popularity over time, changing the course of events in their personal lives. Their fame was, however, crushed for a while due to internal clashes among the band members.


Why Did Ian Take Oliver’s Guitar? What Conflict Did It Lead To In The Band?

Ian had come across an expensive guitar belonging to a famous singer, Oliver, in his car as he was mending it. Ian had sold off his own guitar and, therefore, had none to perform with Dario. He thought that he would borrow Oliver’s guitar without him knowing and then leave it back in his car after the performance. During the conflict, he had handed over his guitar to a waiter and had forgotten all about it. After realizing that the guitar was missing, he searched all over the place and could not find it anywhere. He thought that Oliver would sue him for it and that he would end up in jail. When that did not happen, he thought that Andy had helped him by paying Oliver the money for the guitar.

Oliver thanked Andy and said that he would repay the money as soon as he could. However, that was not the case; Andy kept quiet about it and let the others think that he had paid the money to help Ian. Before one of their stage performances, Ian’s girlfriend Helena told him that she had lied to Oliver about the guitar and had told him that it had been stolen from the garage. On hearing this, Ian felt betrayed and approached Andy, saying that he was a hypocrite. He said that he was under the false idea that Andy had paid off Oliver with money, but he did not; it was Helena who had managed the situation. During the final stage performance on ‘Team Up’, Ian threw away the microphone on the floor and stormed off in front of thousands of audiences, hampering the image and the future of the band.


How Were They Able To Rebuild Their Bond?

After the band had fallen apart, the four friends got back to their old lives. They had nothing but old memories to ponder over. Ciro’s alcoholic father had approached him to let him know that he was amazed by the amount of talent that he had and advised him to get back to music. He had actually come to Ciro after years to persuade him to perform in a reality show so that he would have some monetary benefits and not gel with him. Andy overhears his father’s conversations with a producer and conveys that to Ciro. Andy also tells him that he had given up on an opportunity to work with a famous producer himself and seeks his apology. He said that he wanted the band to be functional again, and there was again a bond formed between the four after they resolved their issues together after a meeting.

Just as the band was able to mitigate all their internal issues and re-embark on another stage performance, they started being blackmailed. Someone at the garage had gotten hold of the footage of Ian taking the guitar out of the car, making it look like a theft. It was later revealed that Chris, a worker at the garage, had used the video against Ian as a means to extract revenge as he thought that after gaining fame he had forgotten all his old friends and Helena. The group decided to give away all their secrets through an interview right before the stage show. They clarified how it was not theft and how Ian had intended to borrow the guitar only for a while. Their transparency showed when a lot of audiences came over during their show, making it a success.


Final Thoughts

4 Ever is about how the bond of friendship makes the impossible viable. As the four boys attain their dream goals, we are left with a sense of victory. We are very closely able to relate to their joys and sorrows because of the amazing screenplay. The unique personalities of the four members of the band have been distinguished by the use of different color palettes for their clothes, also signifying their personalities. For Ian, it was the color blue; Ciro’s palette consisted of red; Dario’s was yellow; and for Andy, it was green. The color segmentation of the characters was symbolic of the beautiful colors of the rainbow that they produced after merging together to create beautiful music. Despite having several differences and obstacles in their personal lives, how the four boys came together to form their band 4 Ever is a unique story of friendship, passion, dreams, and trust. The bond that they shared had been strengthened through their shared passion for music. The mini-series is beautifully constructed, giving out a message of not losing faith in one’s passion and in the true bonds created over time.

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