‘1899’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Eyk Vs. The Mutiny

“1899” Episode 3 ends with a mutiny being formed; now we have Jerome’s story in the 4th episode of “1899.” The episode starts with Jerome’s flashback of the wars. Here, we see him with Lucien. They are dragging a dead soldier, and Lucien suggests they pose as soldiers and get out of there. However, Jerome does not intend to go along with this plan; he expresses his concern about getting caught. But Lucien makes up his mind and snaps; that’s the end of Jerome’s flashback. So, what happens next? Is Jerome hiding something else? Was he trying to confront Lucien all these episodes while we wondered who he actually was? 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens To Eyk And His Supporters?

Ramiro, Eyk, Olek, and Jerome are held captive by Franz, but early in the episode, Franz comes in and commands Jerome and Olek to tag along with him. Here, we see Eyk trying to order Franz in vain, and I laughed a little during this scene. Anyway, Franz orders Olek and Jerome to dispose of the dead bodies that were piled up on the deck. After this, we see how the mutineers are now taking control of the whole ship and locking everybody inside their rooms. Maura believes they just want to turn the ship around and informs the boy that the mutineers wouldn’t hurt him. She has an emotional connection with the boy now, even though he doesn’t speak. His acting is very strong, and we feel for him. I don’t want anything to happen to him; he looks very innocent! I want to know his side, and I’m pretty sure everyone who was watching felt the same way about the little boy. 


The Compasses Start Working Again

Are they back where they were, or have they lost their way again? More and more questions arise. Prometheus has completely disappeared even though they were towing it, and for this, the shipmate says maybe it is they who are lost and not the ship. Also, the compasses start working again! Now, is this their reality, or are they in a simulation? What is happening? How are the compasses working again? Does Daniel have anything to do with it? I think so, yes. Their last location was east, and now they’re in the west. Yup, confusing, but that’s the beauty of ‘1899’; it keeps you guessing. They’re now at the same place where they were three days ago. However, their destination is in the west, so Franz orders the crew members to turn the engine back on. The mutineers decide that the ship will go to America with or without help, and the first mate informs them about the message they had gotten from the ship’s company, in which they were ordered to sink the ship. He only suggests that the deaths started taking place on the ship after the boy boarded it. Upon hearing this, Iben declares that the boy is the devil, who is just dressed as an angel. She takes over the mob and decides to go after the little boy. While all of this is happening, we see that Clemence asks Lucien about the medicines that he takes. He informs her that he has episodes of epilepsy without them and that he is going to die soon. She asks him why he didn’t feel it was important to tell her this before, and he says she wouldn’t have cared anyway. He also finds the medal that he had given to Jerome and gets violent with Clemence. 

What Happens To The Little Boy?

Further, into the episode, we see that the mutineers are asking questions to Maura. They want to kill the boy. They think that will solve everything, and they also want to avenge Ada’s death. They are clearly blinded by religious beliefs; during the era, people were very scared of demons and evil spirits, so it is no surprise they believed the boy was causing all the drama. But who knows? They could also be right here. We can never tell. Anyway, Maura says the boy did not do anything and is innocent because she has been staying with him, and he hasn’t left the room. We see that they start searching for the boy everywhere again after not finding him in Maura’s room (he was probably hiding under the bed)! They even go to Mrs. Wilson’s room, only to find he isn’t there either. Meanwhile, Ramiro and Eyk escape the room where they are held captive. We also see, in the next scene, that the boy has returned, and he was indeed hiding under the bed, but there’s a shaft there, just like there were shafts in the Prometheus. Maura wants to meet Eyk for more answers, but they are locked inside, so how do they get out? The beetle! Yes, the little boy takes out “the beetle” from his pocket, and I still have no clue how a beetle opens doors, but anyway, the door gets opened, and they go together to look for Eyk. 


Eyk Vs. Mutiny?

Near the end of “1899” Episode 4, we see a huge fight between the mutineers and Eyk’s supporters. Well, the fight broke out because the boy was eventually caught, and the mutineers demanded that they hand him over to them. Maura obviously refuses, but the boy starts walking. Iben lifts the boy and throws him into the ocean. Poor Maura starts crying, and Daniel comes and takes her away. After that, we see Eyk and his supporters inside the ship, mourning. We see that Maura is completely quiet and seems very disturbed, and Daniel tries to comfort her. And, voila, here comes a beam of light with a knock from one of the cupboards, just like the knock from a cupboard in Prometheus. The boy, out of nowhere, reappears, and I was in shock then. How did he manage to do that? Is the little kid a magician? He was thrown into the ocean! What is happening? Well, the episode ends with the little boy hugging Maura. The next episode might give us some answers, or will it also keep us tangled up in questions even further? I can’t tell when it’s “1899!”

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