‘1899’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does The Little Boy Reveal Anything New?

In Episode 1 of “1899,” “the boy” was the only survivor among the thousands of passengers on Prometheus. The crew from Kerberos rescued the strange boy, and Maura kept him in her room. We hoped to find some clue as to what had happened on the ship Prometheus after the discovery of one passenger, but the boy says nothing. Also, the stranger who boarded the ship when the boy was discovered is very strange, and we have absolutely no idea where he appeared from or what the powers of the “beetle” are. Does it open doors? Is it a gadget from the future? Do you also think the little boy and the stranger are connected in some way? The stranger enters room number 1013 and tells Maura he is her neighbor. He talks to Maura as if he already knows her. The eerie feeling you get when a stranger you don’t know talks to you, but somehow they seem familiar? Yes, that’s how Maura feels.


Spoilers Ahead

Eyk’s Past

We see Eyk’s past through his dreams. In the dream, Eyk is standing near his home and sees his wife and children inside. A German folk song starts playing in the background, which gives you the creeps! Eyk then sees the entire house getting burned with his wife and children inside and snaps; he wakes up. Later in the episode, we find out that it is actually his past that is haunting him. He sees Nina (his child), and she tells him that his wife does not like it when he leaves, and here, they have a brief conversation. He looks at Nina and starts crying, saying she isn’t real, and Nina asks how a father can say such a thing. This scene, in particular, made me wonder if Eyk actually sees his child and if the scene is real or if maybe it’s just a case of schizophrenia. We find out that Eyk’s wife set herself on fire along with three of their children, killing his entire family. He lost everything in that incident. We then see Eyk holding a piece of fabric he found on Prometheus. Is it related to his family? But what was it doing on the missing ship? How are the two related? ‘1899’ continues the mysteries to keep you hooked. 


Maura And The Stranger 

We get to know the stranger’s name in this episode; it is Daniel Solace. When Maura looks at Daniel, she notices that he looks familiar, but she can’t remember where she knows him from. Definitely, people on the ship know each other, but they can’t place each other, which indicates there’s some sort of memory-eraser device, remember the one in “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”? Maybe some device of that sort is making the passengers forget important details or rather ‘harmful’ details. After Maura and Daniel’s little interaction, inside Maura’s room, the boy is now awake and, again, silently goes to Maura and hands over the black triangle thing to her. Why? Well, only he knows! It is very scary to see a little boy who is expressionless doing the same thing again and again, especially when it involves a pyramid! 

Strange Events Continue

Surprisingly, all the compasses on the ship start going out of control. Eyk tells his company about discovering Prometheus, and he gets a response. The company orders him to sink the ship. However, Eyk does not want to sink it. He is very curious to know what happened on the ship, so he goes to the silent boy and asks him for answers, but in vain. The boy just stares at Eyk emotionlessly. His frustration increases when he starts hearing the German folk song again from the corridors of the ship. He follows the voice and finds himself outside a dark room. Eyk enters the room and sees his family again. He becomes very emotional looking at them and again starts crying. He sees his daughter Nina on fire, and with a snap, he wakes up in a different room. He sees the ‘beetle’ and follows it into a secret tunnel. Eyk then climbs the shaft, and he is back in his own cabin; the hidden door has a triangle made on it. Now it’s clear there is some sort of connection with triangles! There is one more instance where Maura is talking to the small boy and strokes his hair, only to find out he also has a triangle tattooed behind his ear. He nods his head ‘no’ when she tries to ask him about the triangle. Weird. 


What Are The Other Passengers Doing?

There are moments when other passengers interact with each other, not like they have a lot of activities other than talking to do on a ship in the ocean. Anyway, there is a scene where Mrs. Wilson calls Ling-Yi an exotic bird, which is very demeaning, but that is how her character is. There is also a scene where the newly married French bride meets Jerome, and even though they seem to know each other, they speak different languages. When Jerome walks off, he is again caught by the crew, and there is an unnecessary fighting scene, in my opinion. Anyway, there is a heated argument between the ‘brothers,’ Ramiro and Angel. Well, they are not brothers, and I somehow sensed it. We see a homosexual angle here. We find out that both of them are actually in a relationship, which might be the reason why they are running away to America. Or maybe they have something dark to hide too? 

‘1899’ Episode 2: Ending

Daniel throws away his beetle again, and the little girl from the earlier episode, Ada, follows it. Also, Eyk informs the passengers that he is planning on turning the ship and towing Prometheus back home to Europe. The crowd goes nuts hearing this, and not even a single person is on board with his decision to tow the ship back. Everyone wants to reach New York as that’s what they have paid heavily for. Even Maura tries to change the Captain’s mind, but he does not listen to anyone because he needs to know what happened on the ship and how his dead family is related to Prometheus. 


Everyone on the ship has a reason for not wanting to go back to their home; they are all running away from something, but the Captain has other plans! We then see that Kerberos starts towing Prometheus, as ordered by the Captain, but his crew looks at him in disbelief; they even talk about sinking the ship themselves, which makes me wonder if they will come together and be against the Captain. Everyone on the ship seems to be against the Captain, so it would not be surprising if there was a mutiny on our way ahead. 

Near the end of “1899” Episode 2, we see that Daniel has a photograph of Maura. Franz sees something; it is the dead body of Ada. How did she die? More and more questions about the next episodes arise. Also, the episode ends with a “The Truman Show” vibe because we see everyone on screens; also, it’s odd because there were no video screens in 1899. How is someone watching them? And is there a possible simulation theory on the way?


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