’18 Pages’ Ending, Explained: Did Siddhu And Nandini End Up With Each Other? 

Love can come to a person in unexpected ways! “18 Pages” is a 2022 Telugu film that revolves around the story of two completely different individuals, Sidharth and Nandini. Their encounter was completely coincidental yet fated. Siddhu worked for “AppTree Technologies” as an app developer, and he was working on a brand-new app called “See U.” Apart from his professional life, Siddhu was extremely dedicated to his personal life. Throughout his entire day, Siddhu would spend hours speaking to his girlfriend, Preethi. On her birthday, Siddhu had planned on proposing to her. So, he lied to Preeti, claiming that he was on his way to Bangalore. Siddhu went to Preethi’s house and caught her cheating with a man named Venky. Siddhu was heartbroken and spent his entire night in pain. The next morning, Bhagi came over to his house and forced him to get back on schedule since he had to work on the coding of See U. Back at the office, Siddhu’s coworkers were making fun of him, and he even fought with one of them. Bhagi lost her temper and advised him to keep his anger at bay. Siddhu immediately left with her bike and attacked Venky at Preethi’s college. Amidst all this chaos, the police arrested him for assault. So, Siddhu’s father had to come down to the police station to bail him out. Here, it was pretty clear that Siddhu and his father had a strained relationship since his grandfather mysteriously went missing years ago, and because of this, he never visited home and stopped contacting his father. Siddhu came back home and burned his photos with Preethi, and then suddenly, the story took a different turn.


Siddhu found a diary—a personal diary that belonged to a girl named Nandini. He got it from the road, and in his drunken state, Siddhu couldn’t remember that he carried it back home. The first page of her diary was pretty captivating, and she was distinctive from the others. Nandini had no social life and refrained from using a mobile phone. She loved to store all her memories in her mind and often wrote them down to remember them. In one of her pages, Nandini wrote about her excitement to visit Hyderabad for the first time. She wanted to meet a person named Akula Venkat Rao to hand over a package that was given by her grandfather. Nandini stayed with her best friend, Sanju, with two other roommates. Gradually, this book helped Siddhu to move on, and he adapted to Nandini’s way of living. Back at AppTree, Siddhu’s boss Ajith was disappointed by his ignorant behavior, and Siddhu’s team managed to make the Beta version of See U. But Ajith wanted Bhagi to attend the client meeting with Sujith. Bhagi managed to convince Ajith, but he gave them a final warning. If they failed to attend the meeting on time, Bhagi and Siddhu were on the verge of getting fired. Well, Siddhu refused to ask for directions, and this messed everything up. They couldn’t reach the client on time, and Ajith was upset.

Bhagi and Siddhu lost their way and found a random man on the way. His car had broken down, so Siddhu decided to help him and take him to the airport. On their way to the airport, Siddhu shared things about his life and also gave him in-depth information about the application See U. Back at the office, and Ajith decided to fire them. Suddenly, Ajith received a call from the client, who was none other than the same person that Bhagi and Siddhu had helped. The client was impressed by Siddhu’s character and praised him for his thoughts on human interaction. Meanwhile, Nandini tried to meet Venkat Rao, but he didn’t visit the Sanathana Trust for a very long time. Luckily, a worker from the trust knew about Venkat’s criminal Lawyer, Padmanabham. Later that day, she went back home to find Sanju in tears, but her friends were completely engulfed in their mobile phones. So, Nandini switched off the Internet, and the trio began interacting, and they realized that Sanju’s boyfriend had cheated on her. Nandini was surprised to know that even though the trio had been living together, they never knew about each other’s problems. Nandini showed her the importance of forgiveness. So, the next day, Siddhu apologized to Preethi, believing that forgiveness is the most important thing.


Gradually, Siddhu’s work life improved, and things became easier for him. The next day, Siddhu found his grandfather on the road begging for money. All this time, Siddhu’s grandfather had always been around him, but Siddhu was so addicted to his phone that he never paid any attention to the outside world. Siddhu brought him back home and cleaned him up, but he realized that his grandfather didn’t remember him anymore. Siddhu decided to take him back to his house, but Siddhu’s father stopped him since he needed treatment. But Siddhu believed that his grandfather needed love and time. After his grandmother passed away, he slipped into depression, and Siddhu’s father never gave him any emotional support. Gradually, Nandini’s diary started to change its direction; Nandini managed to find Padmanabham and found out that Venkat Rao had his next hearing soon. So, Nandini decided to meet him in person since her grandfather entrusted her with this package. Suddenly, Nandini noticed that Rashid, the welding man, had been following her everywhere, and it was the same man who provided her directions to the Sanathana trust. He chased her around, but Nandini managed to escape him.

The next few days were pretty interesting for Siddhu, as he ended up mixing up Nandini’s timeline with his. Even though the events that she described happened in the past, Siddhu believed that they were happening around him. Finally, the day of Venkat Rao’s hearing arrived, and she waited for him the entire day, but he didn’t arrive. The following evening, on her way back home, a man named Narasimham approached Nandini and asked her about Venkat Rao. He told her that Venkat Rao was sick and wanted Nandini to visit him back at his place. Without any precaution, Nandini decided to believe Narasimham. Unfortunately, Nandini was kidnapped by him and two other men. But she was saved by the boy who stayed in the Sanathana trust. Nandini always helped him, and he recognized her while he was selling pens. The boy managed to find a man who helped her on the way, and that man was none other than Dr. Sandeep, Siddhu’s new neighbor. In the next few pages, Siddhu realized that Nandini had fallen in love with Sandeep, and Siddhu was heartbroken. But he didn’t know that it was Sandeep yet. Soon, Siddhu was diagnosed with viral fever, and Bhagi decided to call Sandeep, and he left his card with Siddhu for any further assistance.


Siddhu was overjoyed to know that his neighbor was Nandini’s boyfriend. Bhagi and Siddhu wanted to check if Nandini lived with him, so they managed to step inside his house, claiming that they wanted to cross-check his prescription. Siddhu was invited to his wife’s birthday party, and he misunderstood Sandeep’s wife to be Nandini. But he caught Sandeep’s wife using her mobile phone, and it was enough for him to understand that it was not Nandini. So, Siddhu came back home and started reading the diary again. Nandini had confessed her feelings to Sandeep, but he didn’t accept her feelings right away. In the next few days, Venkat Rao stopped by her friend’s place, but Nandini was out at that time. So, Sanju told her that Venkat Rao would be waiting for her at the Diwakar Children’s Park. So, Nandini visited the park and waited for him, and luckily, Venkat Rao met her this time. In the present timeline, Nandini didn’t continue writing her diary after this meeting, and Siddhu was extremely worried. So, Bhagi and Siddhu decided to look for her. Nandini had written her address in the diary, and Siddhu visited her house at Alajangi, Vizianagaram district. Siddhu confidently stepped into her house, only to find out that Nandini had lost her life in a car accident.

Siddhu came back and changed completely; he was not the same lively man anymore. So, Bhagi couldn’t bear his sadness and decided to find out the reality. But Siddhu refused to do anything and spent the entirety of his time with his grandfather. Siddhu’s grandfather loved to fulfill his grandmother’s wishes because that made him feel that she was alive. So, Siddhu took his advice and completed Nandini’s wishes; he delivered food and toys to the children of the Sanathana trust and noticed that some of them suffered from severe skin bruises, so Siddhu took them to the hospital for treatment as well. Siddhu went back to her village and also got eyeglasses for Nandini’s grandmother. Nandini had to give back 120 rupees to the bus conductor; she met him every day, and Siddhu decided to send it to him. That bus conductor wrote back to Siddhu, thinking it was Nandini, and that’s when he realized that Nandini was still alive. The bus conductor saw her at the government hospital where he went for his wife’s bypass surgery on January 20. Siddhu inquired about her everywhere but couldn’t find any information. On the same day, he even visited her friend Sanju’s flat, but they no longer stayed there.


Suddenly, Narasimham arrived at Sanju’s house, and it was clear that Rashid had informed him. When Nandini met an old man who claimed to be Venkat Rao, she’d tried to confirm if it was him. So, Nandini had asked him about his Lawyer’s name. But the old man couldn’t answer, and he instantly confessed that Narasimham had bribed him to get that secret package. Nandini escaped from the park and arrived home, but Narasimham had been waiting for her already. He started asking her about the package, and Nandini tried to run away. In this process, Nandini was badly injured by Narasimham, who hurt her until she bled. Siddhu attacked him and managed to get him to confess about a man named Mojo. According to Narasimham, Mojo had advised him to hurt Nandini. Narasimham never met Mojo in person; he was a contract killer. He hired Narasimham to kill the people that Mojo wanted. This time, Narasimham’s task was to find Venkat Rao, and they believed Nandini would lead them to him. Nandini managed to trick him into searching for the package and escaped from the house. Luckily, Nandini found her friend Sanju, and they ran away. Unfortunately, Narasimham found Nandini and Sanju and hit them with his car.

’18 Pages’ Ending Explained – Did Siddhu And Nandini End Up With Each Other? 

Narasimham managed to escape, and now Siddhu had no choice but to look for the package. Suddenly, he realized that Sanju had a post box next to her building that people didn’t use anymore. Nandini wrote this in her diary, and Siddhu decided to open it, and there he found the package. He took the package back home and decided to open it. The package contained an architectural layout that belonged to Vajra Constructions. Siddhu visited the construction company and met the owner, but he told Siddhu that it was just a normal layout. So, Siddhu left and refrained from giving him the layout. Mojo told one of his workers to get the cover back, and Siddhu managed to restrain him. Siddhu managed to get all the backstory from him, and he revealed that Mojo wanted to claim the Sanathana trust’s property for building his new project. So, to check if everything was fine, Mojo sent his architectural layouts to Nandini’s grandfather, Vastu Vishwanath Shastri. Mojo was an extremely superstitious person, and he wanted to claim this place since it was one of the best sites. But the owner of the Sanathana trust refused to sign the contract. So Mojo had no choice but to set the orphanage on fire. The owner and six kids lost their lives, and the orphanage appointed a new chairman, Venkat Rao, as he was the owner’s student.


All these years, Venkat Rao had been trying his best to win the case against Mojo, but he was not able to win the case due to a lack of evidence. So, Vishwanath sent Nandini to Hyderabad, but Venkat Rao was killed by Narasimham, and her grandfather passed away from a heart attack. So, only Mojo knew about the layout. Mojo’s worker told him that Nandini was already dead since he was the person who loaded her body inside the ambulance, but her death certificate was certified by Sandeep. So, Siddhu thanked him for saving Nandini’s life. Sandeep knew that Mojo’s men would’ve killed her, so he decided to fake her death and loaded Sanjana’s body in the ambulance making it seem like she had already lost her life. Finally, it was time to meet Nandini, and Sandeep took Siddhu along with him. But Siddhu refused to meet her since Nandini didn’t know anything about him. Six months later, Nandini was happy to know that Mojo and his men had been arrested. Meanwhile, Nandini was surprised to know that all her wishes were completed and because of him, the orphans from the Sanathana trust found a new place to live. On the day of the hearing, Siddhu arrived with the layout, and Venkat Rao won the case posthumously. Mojo tried to lie that he had never bought the property before 2018, and that was after the owner died. But the map contained details and dates that showed that this layout was made in 2017.

Nandini inquired about Siddhu and made her way to Bhagi’s engagement. The bus conductor had spotted Bhagi near his area, and he took Nandini to the engagement. Bhagi told her everything about Siddhu, and Nandini realized that he had always loved her. Siddhu didn’t attend her engagement since he had to complete Nandini’s final wish in the diary. After meeting Venkat Rao, Nandini wanted to visit Kashi for her parents’ death anniversary. But fate eventually brought them together as they boarded the same train to Kashi together. Nandini sat next to him and laid her head on his shoulders. The duo eventually left for Kashi, and the movie ended with Nandini and Siddhu’s union. In one of Nandini’s wishes, she wanted to gift a watch to the person who saved her. That person saved her during a rally when cops were trying to suppress the people. Later, it was revealed that Siddhu was that same person all along. Well, call it fate or coincidence, a diary brought two people closer to each other, and it redefined the true meaning of love. The new Siddhu is someone who was born out of Nandini’s thoughts, personality, and wishes.


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