’13: The Musical’ Review: A Typical Teenage Drama With The Coming Of Age Phenomenon!

Growing up can be difficult since you’re open to several problems. “13: The Musical” on Netflix is a comedy musical drama film that will strongly highlight all the aspects of entering your early teenage years. The movie talks about the perspective of Evan Goldman (Eli Golden)—a highly energetic young man who’s devastated because of his parent’s separation. “13: The Musical” will give you a deeper insight into how to maintain relationships when you’re a family. It proves the saying that ‘Always stick together no matter what happens’. Apart from this, Evan is looking forward to having the best experience at his Bar Mitzvah, a Jewish ritual for teenagers. The whole event is dedicated to the growth of young men who are hitting puberty, as they’ll be undergoing a lot of changes in the coming years, and another important factor will be their journey to becoming responsible citizens. Evan desperately wants to be the best in this event, but his parents are making life harder for him. That’s when he realizes that he’s just going to be 13, and he’s got so much to handle already! Throughout the whole movie, viewers will get a hands-on experience with Evan’s teen energy, and this is the most entertaining part of the film.

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What Happens In ’13 The Musical’ Film?

“13: The Musical” begins with a depressed Evan since his mind is completely pondered with the thoughts that his father, Joel Goldman (Peter Hermann), has found someone else to spend his life with! Evan wanted to carry out all these special moments happily as a family. But having his mother depressed at the same time is not something that he expected to see. They’ve subdued the pressurizing angles of divorce through soft musical depiction. At the beginning of the movie, you’ll be introduced to Evan’s energetic character, and he vents all his pain through a song! The whole song describes his journey and the responsibilities that he has to understand as an adult. Evan and his mother, Jessica Goldman (Debra Missing), decide to move from New York City to Grandma Ruth’s (Rhea Perlman) house in Walkerton, Indiana. Evan becomes so mad because he has entered an area where you won’t find anybody to even speak to! But that’s something he has to understand at the moment since there’s no other way to fix this!

A quick revelation is made about Jessica, and guess what? It turns out that all these years, she has been an outstanding writer. Grandma Ruth pointed out that she could cultivate this back! As time never waits for anyone! “13: The Musical” also helps us to interpret the significance of time and talents in an individual’s life. Evan’s life begins to lighten up a bit since he gets involved with Patrice (Gabriella Uhl) and Archie (Jonathan Lengel). Patrice and Evan help each other with their goals. For Patrice, it’s her single-use plastic petition, and for him, it’s Bar Mitzvah! Just like that, Patrice and Evan became best friends, and it’s been two months already. Now it’s the first day of middle school, and Evan is pretty excited to be a part of Kendra’s (Lindsey Blackwell) and Lucy’s (Frankie McNell) group. Patrice is not happy about this. Their mean attitude towards her is heartbreaking. But Evan wants them to be a part of his Bar Mitzvah!

Jessica is disturbed since Evan is missing Hebrew lessons and skipping family time to be with his new friends. Things become even more complicated when Lucy warns him about a vacant party. Lucy envies Kendra and Brett’s relationship, and she’s using Evan to break them off. On the other hand, Evan is heartbroken since Patrice informs Jessica about the Bloodmaster movie night. Lucy gets her plan right, and now she has taken over from Brett (JD McCrary). Moreover, nobody’s responding to Evan now. As September approaches and Evan finally talks to his father, together they make a plan to fix the problems that occurred at the movie night. Evan helps Brett to get back to Kendra, and now everyone’s waiting to be a part of his big party! Moreover, he apologized to Patrice and Archie for his mistakes, and now things are finally getting back on track in his life.

’13 The Musical’ Review: Evan’s Journey Of Finding His New Self!

When it comes to the whole movie, it’s good to see how director Tamra Davis covered up the whole scenario that talks about being a better person. On the day of Evan’s Bar Mitzvah, he finally masters the Haftorah! Then the presence of Rabbi Shapiro (Josh Peck) – his mentor – became a plus point for him since he guided him in choosing what was important. On the other hand, Evan opens up to Jessica about the pain he’s dealing with. Jessica quickly interprets that he’s stuck in the same spot that she was years ago! “13: The Musical” will give you a soothing experience in knowing that failure can lead to bigger achievements. Evan promises to become a better man, and his conversations with Joel become even bolder since his father teaches him to be kind and fix every problem, no matter what everyone thinks! One should never let go of that one golden chance. Moreover, Jessica has finally begun her journey as a writer, and Grandma Ruth has been supporting her from the very first day!

The whole movie creates a distinctive phenomenon for the viewers since every character is growing with each passing day. Some things happen for the betterment of our future, and that’s the most important lesson that Evan and Jessica teach us. The younger generation these days will learn a lot from this film. Maintaining relationships, finding our true selves, and figuring out what’s right and wrong would be one of the greatest achievements in our teenage years. The movie ends on a good note, wherein Evan has figured out the true purpose of his life, and now he is enjoying his days in Indiana! One more important fact about Evan is his thriving nature. He is always enthusiastic about all the new things that will develop some other things in his life. Moreover, friendship plays a key role in the main context of this movie. Towards the end, viewers will be delighted to know that Evan has finally brought everyone closer and cleared out all their differences.

“13: The Musical” is a 2022 Musical Comedy film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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